Big Oops!

Timeline: A beautiful, sunny Sunday in the month of April, the year of our Lord, 2013.

So, as is commonplace with me on Sundays, for as long as I can remember, I dragged myself lazily, a tad begrudgingly outta my cozy littly, pretty comfy bed. Rudely jerked awakened, outta my sleepy state by my phone alarm! Yeah, sure, the phone musta somewhat set the alarm itself, like I had absolutely nothing to do with it! Psst!

Anyway, that’s by the way! Story for the gods!

You see, my Church of worship is one of those mega parishes with a very large congregation, thus; the need for two power services every Sunday. My service of choice is the first, running from 7:30am through 9:30am.

The second takes longer, which makes the first all the more appealing to me. Well, don’t gimme that look, you’d probably do the same were you in my shoes, I think! Whatever!

So, I quickly gingered myself up and got into the nitty-gritty of things, trying as fast as I could to move things right along! Arriving late was not part of the plan!

More haste, less speed they say! Perhaps if, just if I’d slowed down a teensy-weensy bit, I’d have noticed something was totally off ’bout ’em shoes I chose to pair up with my ensemble of choice! *sighs*

You see, I’d pretty much abandoned the pair of ’em on the rack for ’bout six months running, totally out-of-use! So tell me this, however could I have known that it was close to coming apart?! I mean, from my standpoint, they looked perfectly alright to me! Very well put together I must add! Or so I thought!

I get dressed, make-up flawlessly in place. I daresay, but I  looked every inch the part! Pretty spruced up like a well marinated and dressed, stuffed Thanksgiving Day turkey; just raring to go! Except well, unlike the turkey that’s taking a trip down the arch; I, on the other hand, was going to take on the world! I head out on my jolly way, feeling like a gazillion pounds!

What could possibly go wrong on a beautiful, glorious day such as this one?! That was the furtherest thing from my mind! Things couldn’t be more ‘purrfect’!

Nothing and noone coulda prepared me for what was ’bout to happen next!


images courtesy http://www.google.com


36 thoughts on “Big Oops!

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  2. What can I possibly say Doc?! I’m stunned speechless! You made this happen! YOU did this and I have none else to blame but YOU! So then, I say a very big thanks to you for the ‘shove’,’push’ and ‘goading’! But for you; I’d still be ‘feet-dragging’! You’re an inspiration, mine inspiration; thanks for always and God bless and keep you! You know you rock pieces right?! Don’t you ever forget! *grateful* LOL


  3. Sequel pleaaaase! This so lovely. Very spirited and I can’t wait for the next read. Thanks Yemie. You gat me glued to this blog like superG and I can’t wait to savor every bit of your cuisine. Thumbs up girl!

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  4. Whoa! Guess who’s come soo early to breakfast?! If it isn’t the delightful, most adorable one! The usual suspect! Partner in crime nay; progress, with the Eternal Mischief Maker Topazo! ‘The Grand Witch of York’, Zee gurl in her magnificent, ‘maleficient’ glory! Knock me over and out with a broomstick! *rolling my eyes* LMAO!

    Welcome gurl, I just reeled out the red carpet for you! The part you played in this ‘revolution’ will never be forgotten! You just wouldn’t back down! Wouldn’t take no for an answer! Who signs up to a blog without a single post?! Yeah, that will most definitely be you! *big smile*

    I’m indebted to you cupcakes, and I thank God for sending you my way! The ‘catalyst’ that set this whole ‘chain reaction’ into an overactive overdrive! Hopefully, it doesn’t blow up in ma face! *laughing*

    God bless you dearest, sequel in a tick if I can help it! Kidding!!! XOXO


  5. Finally! This sizzles! I seriously would wanna turn to a Yemie 2.0 on this blog and do da thing with the Yemie-effect, as she does with Señor Joe. 🙂

    I’m not a very good shover, pusher and goader, but when I see people doing it all with the best intention, I tryna do something to help the cause. Thanks to the good Doc and Zika (the madam I’ve never met but with all indicators blinking heavily that she’s equally good), for going to this length for the le godmother. Now I’ve got a better connection to the fairies on the blogosphere.

    A sequel on your mind, yes? Ride on ma’am, no goons to do you nada.

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    • Yayyyy! Its Senor Joe!!! My fairy ‘godbooboo’ on the ‘prowl’! Don’t even think ’bout pulling that stunts on me Jojo, you’re as much a ‘pusher’, ‘shover’ and ‘goader’ as the rest of ’em delightful lots and I’m so grateful for having y’all in my space! Thanks a lot Joe, I owe you big time! The sequel will come, just keep ’em fingers crossed! *winks* LOL


    • Hey gurl, long time no kiss! Kidding!!! Wherever did you go, my Buquielicious boo?! Thanks so much for looking in dearest, I appreciate lots! And don’t go thanking Topazo and Zee; you’re as much a ‘shover’ as ’em! Plus, just between us gurls, that soothsayer you recommended I sought, as regards this whole writing/blogging business in one of Topazo’s post……guess what?! I did! Took your advice to the letter and voila! I got thrusted here by y’all well meaning folks! *laughing*

      God bless you my darling, you rock for always and do have you a most blessed week too! That sequel ehn…..we’ll see! Mwah! Lol


      • Looooooollllll. Yemie and drama o.

        I’ve been to London to see the Queen. Ehehehe, don’t mind me jare. I’ve been AWOL.

        You can’t imagine how I felt when I saw the link to your blog. I was like, ‘At last!!! Thank thee dear Lord, some good read’s about to come my way’

        The real heroes are Topazo and Zee o, trust me. Some of us talked, some did not just, they acted too.

        Ah, my guess is you sought the soothsayer with initials H.S, yes?

        God bless thee too darl, spread your wings and fly! I really can’t wait to see you up there.
        Make the sequel come sharperly o biko.


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      • Hahahaha! Me ati drama abi?! We’re like two peas in a pod! *smh*

        Thanks a lot dearie and I totally dig that ‘I’ve been to London to see the Queen line’! That’s slamming! And yeah, I did seek the Greatest Soothsayer there is, The Holy Spirit; thanks for pointing me in His direction! *laughing*

        Its so great seeing you here like this and I’ll hurry up on that sequel already! Thanks again for the vote of confidence and together, we shall all soar by His grace IJN; Amen! *bearhugs* LOL


    • Well! Well! Well! Who do we have here?! Its Walt Shakes, the ‘Writers Writer’ himself, in his ‘full witty and humorous glory’! Yippie!!!! *laughing*

      Thank you so much for looking in Walter and permit me to use this opportunity to issue you with a very heartfelt public apology for that ‘oversight’! Everything happened so fast that I was left in a bit of a lurch, a complete, utter hot pot of mess! Inexcusable, I know but I still hope that you’d let it slide and bear with me just this one time! Please?! *bunny eyes* LOL

      This did happen Walter! Fashion mishaps are legendary and happens to the bestest of us! A few fashionistas, like the widely celebrated Janet Jackson and Beyonce have had their fair share on world stage! Even ‘fash-holes’ are not immune! Anybody can fall prey, anytime! Even you Walter! Remember the seams alongside thy pants from commuting??? Yep, that one, I saw it! So shoot me already! LMAO!

      Sequel cometh! So sit pretty tight whilst I get to it! Thank you soooo much for gracing ‘the cute bunny’ with thy glorious presence Sire! We won’t forget, by jove! LOL


  6. Yayyyy! Kinetic Katy’s in the building! Now, that’s wassup! Hey gurl, I’m so excited seeing you here! Saw your hilarious responses to my comments on your blog! You like a ‘goofer’s’ writing style? Wow! Coming from you, that’s the bestest compliment a girl could ever hope for! Thanks darling, you’re simply the absolute bestest! *hugs n kisses* LOL


  7. Almost intimidated to comment, Yemie, after the prior major-fun exchanges, like those between you and Zikaolofin, and Adewoyin Joseph.

    But had to put my dull pence in to add how super-lively and trippy your post is, how equally so are the comments after (those I can understand ; ), and how much I look forward to every new word you write over here!

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    • *puzzled* You O.B intimidated?! I mean, you O.B the Indisputable King of Queens of funny?! You???? You’ve REALLY gotta be kiddin’ me right now, like seriously?! I just died, went to Heaven and came right back….whew! I totally didn’t see that coming by golly! You flatter the breaths outta me gurl, and you’ve got me hyperventilating! Paperbag anyone??? *laughing*

      Whoa! Its sooo beyond coolness to see you on here! Thanks a great deal for the follow, you blew me away skyhigh like POOF! I hope am able to pull this off, these are really HUGE nay, HUMONGOUS expectations and am so shivering in ma bootz right now! Nothing beatz being recognized by the Humour Legend herself! Am I still gushing?! My bad! *rolling my eyes*

      Thanks soooo much for ‘swinging’ by jellybeans! Wednesday’s almost here and I do hope it brings you all the bestest of luck there is to find! Still keeping ma fingers crossed on that one, but I know it’ll be great news! You’ll see! *winks*


      • Hahahaha!!! God’s in his Heaven, all’s wrong with my world–as usual! Just got off the phone with the Tablet 7 folk, and there’s been a delay–color ME shocked ; ) –It MAY appear by Friday. Gotta stop typing now before I totally lose the use of these feeble digits. Still laughing, doe! 😂

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    • Those illustrations you love so much, the whole idea of the blog in itself….I’ve only got the delightfully annoying, pretty pushy but nonetheless adorable Topazo to thank for that! He set this whole thing up and for that I’d be eternally grateful to him! He’s the absolute bestest for always! LOL


  8. C’mon O.B, get a grip already! Delay’s not denial you know! I’ll bet they’re saving the best for last, for YOU! Just hang in there yet darling, Friday cometh with great tidings! I’ll wager they’re just putting everything in perfect place for ya! Be hopeful gurl, it gets better, trust me! LOL


    • Oh No Mimz, its not like that I swear, it isn’t! I actually got played by some Smart Alecs and I was none the wiser! I’m gonna have to do a post ’bout how I found myself ‘flung’ on to these plains against my will! You see, they who were against me were so much more than they, who were for or with me! I tried, ‘gawd’ knows I REALLY tried; but those guys were just so much more stronger than I could ever hope to be and so, I buckled under all the ‘weights’ and ‘pressures’ of their seemingly ‘assault’ and got thrusted here! Just like that! LOL

      Please don’t be hurt, I’ll make it up to you, by golly! The Eternal Mischief Maker, Topazo actually set up the whole blog! He conned me into writing a post I was supposed to collaborrate with him on, which he said was gonna be on his blog! I took the bait hook, line and sinker and before I knew what was going down, I’d been had and the rest as they say’s history! *sighs*

      Thank you so much for the follow ma pumpkin, I owe you BIGTIME and I shall repay! You’ll see! *bunny and bear hugs* Mwaah

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  9. See, I was so emotional that my phone grew a mind of its own and spoke in tongues. Hehehe. Really I’m happy for you Yemz. You have my support. No wonder you have been scarce sha. Will keep tabs on this page now that I’ve found your hideout. Cheers darl!

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  10. 😒 why am I the last to discover ‘ havilah’ ?
    My tender bleeding heart has been damaged once more😒
    By you ‘ goddess of words’…
    Words are made for you
    You make them read like magic
    I gave you a voice in my mind
    An angelic voice
    That reads to me your every word
    You make me speechless
    You always know what to say
    When and how to say
    Each word.
    You combine them perfectly, they sound like music to my ears…
    I could spend all day listening to you in my mind…
    But you chose to hide ‘this’ from me…
    Oh! goddess of words…

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  11. Ohmigosh! Quaint and Dainty China just ‘killed’ me! Havilah? Goddess of words? I’d be sooo damned by jove! *laughing*

    Aw! I’m soooooooo sorry babycakes! Please forgive me. I don’t profess that am guiltless, on the contrary; am an absolute pool of indiscretion! This whole blogging thing happened so fast, faster than a blink! I’d been really bone-headed ’bout it but some delightfully adorable bugs just wouldn’t let go! This was a major set-up and if I kept mute, it was cause I was still in a shock of sorts and just trying to take in and get used to the whole idea! *sighs* LOL

    Forgive me sweetie babes, I’ll make it up to you if its the last thing I do! *smiles*

    Your words gladden my heart so, and you lovey; are the real angel here! The one who’s so artistically cool and defines the word ‘magic’ with such ease when she decides to just put pencil to paper and create the most ‘ah-mazing’ sketches I’ve seen in a very long while! The few sketches I’ve seen you do are somewhat etched in my mind! There’s such a ‘delicateness’ to you, soft yet strong! Scatterbrained right?! Well, that’s you, a complete enigma! A mystery! The good, fascinating kinda mystery! *laughing*

    Thank you so much for coming along! I’m so beyond honoured to have you here, its numbing! So am sending you a lotta bearhugs to soothe your bleeding heart! I’m sorry I hid this, didn’t mean to, and in all honesty; I’m just clueless really! In time, I’ll rise up to the occasion and just take it all in my stride! You simply can’t keep a good girl down! *winks* LMAO

    Thank you so much pumpkin, you’re the absolute sweetest and God bless your heart! Love you to pretty bitz and tiny pieces! *bear and bunny hugz* Mwah! LOL


  12. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Wow…well…well….well…a lover of Sunday Morning Service myself, for d same reason quoted. Well Aunt Yemi, what’s happening to d next epi naa (actually got alerted by Topaz, so better to deliver d msg heheheh)

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    • Woohoo! Sound the alarm! Enters the firecracker herself in her ‘dynamitic’ glory! Welcome Jules darling, good to know we have something in common! That will be our little secret, no one has to know *winks* LMAO

      Thanks so much for the follow and all your kind words! I feel so blessed by y’all! Mwaah!

      I’m cooking up that sequel! I know, I know!! I’ve been dawdling but I promise I’d put it up within the week and save y’all the wait! Thanks for your patience and overwhelming support! You’re far too kind! *bunny hugz* LOL


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  14. Yemie’s blog! Too big to be true. It’s like having a football coach remove her tracksuits, put on shorts and enter the pitch herself! It’s a dream come true for many. Congratulations. And why did you write a post so short and incompete? Well, it’s too early to quarrel wid you… It’s still Christmas for us.

    I don’t wish to say this but blogging will tax you in many ways sha, but I trust you jor.

    Cheer. Ekabo to wordpress.

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    • Hmm…. and i just had an ‘eyebrow raising experience’ right here and now as the Humour Merchant himself makes his ‘hilarious way’ into my lil corner, and I couldn’t possibly be more delighted than I already am! Welcome aboard Kingsley, ‘the baby of the house’! How very dare you to call me out like that, what short post do you refer ei?! Am absolutely clueless here, perhaps you’d like to help me out, yes?! *laughing*

      Blogging I understand is an herculean task, especially for a ‘goofer’ like me who’s still trying to grasp stuffs and pretty much get her ducks in a row, but I draw my strength from you Kingz, since you obviously trust that I’d rise up to the occasion and wrought wonders! Thanks so much babycakes, you rock pieces and thank you so much for being here! Mwaahhhh! LOL


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