I’d just graduated High School, a couple months previous and was awaiting my admission to College! At this time, I was going rock steady with my then boyfriend and now heartthrob and hubby, in a relationship! I however decided to get me an holiday job to keep busy whilst waiting for my admission to pull through! Thanks to an aunt of mine who was so well connected and a social butterfly by all standards, I landed a great, very lucrative job, well paying for a student like me and I pretty much just lived it up! Life couldn’t be more beautiful for me at that point in time! I mean; school was out temporarily, I had the absolute perfect boyfriend, a ‘dreamboat’ he was, still is! I could pay my way through without having to resort to just the allowances I got from my folks; which had pretty much stopped coming in once I clinched that job by the way and well,  I was homefree as a bird! Freedom’s blissfully blissful, I mean, why the heck not! You’re. Only. Young. Once. YOYO, right?! Oh yeah! *nodding affirmatively*

So, after a very hectic day at work, I get off of my shift and get ready to head on home! Getting to the park, there was a throng of people; just waiting to get aboard a bus, all lined up and waiting their turns! I fall in line and before long, my bus appears and we all file in orderly! I planted myself beside the guy who was directly before me on the queue, the bus fills up and we get a move on!

All was quiet and tranquil till my commuting companion, who was such a delightful eyeful if I say so myself; engages me in a chit-chat! Over time, we were yacking away like long lost buddies, chattering whilst being so chummy and carefree, pretty sucked into the convo; oblivious of the on-goings around us! You know what they say ’bout things not staying sunny in ‘Pleasantsville’ forever?! Yep! I was ’bout to find that out, the hard way!

Minutes from our destination, I felt a nudge from behind me! I thought absolutely nothing of it, I mean, why should I?! Who in their right minds nudges a complete, random stranger on a bus ride and whatever for?! Thinking nothing of it,I shrugged it off as an error and continued on in my chitty-chatter with my fellow commuting companion, without not so much as a backward glance!

Again, I felt a prodding from behind me! This time around, it was slightly different! Certainly not a gentle tapping, more like a light blow! In my mind, I figured; twice is no accident and there was nothing subtle ’bout this particular ‘pounding’! Bracing up, and rising to the challenge, I was ready to give the pesky fella a teensy-weensy, ‘teeny-tiny’ piece of my mind; a tongue-lashing he/she would live to remember in a very long time! I can get really lethal at times like this that you really don’t wanna mess with me and be in on my bad side, its brutal I promise! Hmph!

Turning around in my seat slowly, whilst rehearsing the best lines I’d managed to come up with; I was ’bout opening up my mouth in protest to release and spew out the arsenals I’d concocted, when it hit me!  I mean, he hit me HARD! I beheld his face and peered into his eyes! Those all-too-familiar beautiful eyes, that are definitely anything but alien to me! Except well this time around, if looks could kill, I’d be six foot under! Aint nuttin’ cute ’bout ’em at this point!  Mischief and daredevilry glowingly radiated from deep within and they seemed to tell a tale! One which could best be summed up as ‘Busted, you’ve been caught with both your ‘paws’ in the cookie jar; so what do you have to say for yourself now’?! Damn! I just messed up, I’ve been had! What a spoiler! Grrrrrrrr!

At this point in time, I was too shocked to utter a word, seeing as those words hung suspended in my mouth, and my mouth in turn was pretty wide agape for the obvious reason that I just beheld my then boyfriend and now heartthrob slash hubby! I quietly assumed my normal seating position, only now, I was wearing a pale ghostly look and well, Cat caught my tongue! My commuting companion was totally lost and demanded to know what that was all ’bout, genuine concern written all over his cute face!

Muscling up some much needed inner strength, I told him my boyfriend was seated right behind me and he’d been listening in on our conversation the whole time, whilst watching our antics! Moreover, am guessing he decided to register his presence; when he’d about heard and had enough of our conversation!

It was his turn to launch into silent mode, while he attempted to steal a glance at the ‘stalker’, who seemed to be enjoying our nascent discomfiture and awkwardness! So, pretty much for the rest of the journey, we kept to ourselves!

The bus pulls up at the final stop, and one after the other; everyone disembarks! To salvage an already awkward situation, I spoke up and it went a little something like this….. ‘Em……..Nosa, meet Tony my boyfriend, Tony……Nosa, my …..friend’?!

They shook hands, with me just standing there and with a wooden look on my face, Nosa said his byes and with a slight droop of his shoulders and crestfallen looks, he left us there; disappearing into the dark night!

My boyfriend scornfully went on to apologize for ruining and putting a damper on what may have possibly developed into a date, with possibly the exchange of contacts and what not! One look at him, and I told him to piss off! I was too embarrassed to think he’d been following right from when I got off work, boarded two buses at different times and stops, plus, I was absolutely clueless, as in I was right off the ‘Cluelessville Express’, at super-turbo; with such good-spirited gusto! Was none the wiser!  Hoo boy! Seriously?! Jeez!

I feigned anger and he pulled me closer in a warm embrace and said it was alright really and that he actually did enjoy every bit of the time he spent on that bus ride! And well, he was laughing his head off! I hit him on his back playfully, joined in his mirthful laughter, we held hands and proceeded on home!

Thank goodness my conversation with my commuting companion hadn’t veered towards murky waters or anything you’d consider inappropriate! We just well, talked! That was a close call, Phew! Just supposing the guy asked me out and I said yes, I wonder what my boyfriend woulda done then! I posed that question to him and he said he was sure I’d turn Nosa down outrightly!  Aw! Such great trust!

In closing, and as an aside, I recently watched this feature on Crime and Investigation, where a woman attempted killing her hubby! She thereafter waited several minutes to be sure he was history before putting a call through to 911! The paramedics arrived the scene, swung into action and miraculously felt a pulse! He was immediately rushed to the ER, and after a much successful surgical procedure, he lived to tell the story of the vicious attack he suffered at the hands of none other person than his wife! He identified her as his assailant to the cops and she was later arrested, tried and thrown into the slammer for attempted homicide!

It got more interesting when the narrator reeled out these following lines in closing…. ‘Murder 101: You REALLY wanna make sure your victim’s dead, before the paramedics and the cops show up”! That got me tearing up and laughing myself beyond sore! Where am I going with all these ramblings, I can almost hear you scream into my ears! Well, chillax guys and just work me here! Are we cool now?!

Here goes….so, like me, whenever you feel the desperate need to  embark on a ‘charm offensive’ and  take your ‘flirtatious skills’ on a test drive of the town….. unlike me, ensure your partner’s not within ‘ear and or eye shot’! Else like me again, you’d get nabbed and unlike me….. with your hands really dirty! And in my usual characteristic manner, you can thank me for this heads-up, no charge! I mean, really!

All images courtesy of http://www.google.com


19 thoughts on “Nabbed

    • Hmm..I woulda been sooo damned if you DIDN’T love him! I mean, he’s kinda reminiscent of another fella I know who always gets up to no good! And we both know who that person is don’t we now?! *rme* LMAO

      You just sprung a surprise on me Doc! A curveball more like, and am still staggering from the impact! Thank you so much, you’re such a lifesaver! Whatever will I do with or without you?! Now, that’s one question that beats the crap outta me! LOL

      Thanks for being here babycakes and for all times too; I’m totally indebted to you and you rock for always! Mwah! LOL *winks


      • Now you’ve got me blushing up several storms, giggling and squealing like a pretty ‘lil and mighty cute Piglet! Though I’m supposed to be a bunny, and that’s gotta be weird, right?! Who cares?! *shrugs* LMAO!

        Aw! Thanks Swag, you flatter the breaths outta me and am totally humbled! I mean, infectious, viral?! Only you Swag, only you, COOREIZY deal! *laughing so hard*


      • Thing about you is that you inundate me with revelations, show me am a superhero.. never knew i had the power to transform one kinda animal to another or create storms…without a wand sef…I must be more amazing than spiderman……I am wowed!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Amma pull a DrSwag on you now so here goes….Lolllzzzz! LMAO!

        With all these ‘resume’ that you’ve so carefully reeled out, then I must concur that of a truth, thou art more ‘Ah-mazing’ than Spiderman! I mean, who was that again??? Clueless! *rme* LOL

        But seriously, you’re more amazing than Spiderman jare, he’s a fictitious character but you’re real! Just take it! Thanks a bunch! *laughing*


      • Aw! Now you done gone set my waterworks a-flowing, am a teary-mess and the dangers of a mighty flood is looming! I hope I don’t get drowned in ’em! So, Super Swag to the rescue, Cowabunga!!!! LMAO!

        Thanks a gazillion Swag, with you; no dull moments at all! Phew! You rock, BIGTIME! As in HUGE! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      • Welll…but now I gave to escape out of my spider suit to become Aquaman…save u from drowning. .apparently one needs multiple super hero personalities to function around thee..sooo ara re oooo…phew…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahahaha! Swag, you’re not serious o! At least if anything; you’ve saved me drowning in the floods! You see, your comment set me off in the direction of hysterics! Am laughing myself sore! Aquaman?! Oh Wow! *laughing*

        Well, I totally agree! Go acquire some more diverse superpowers in various other fields, you just never know when this damsel’s in distress again and then, that power will come to play, yeah?! Case file, you are, choi! LOL


      • Hehehe! I feel safe alright Mr. Incredible, the Caped One! Seeing as you’re the geometric sum of all the Superpowers NEVER made! ‘Noice’! *Yinmu* LOL


  1. OMG, I can’t believe I completely missed this post. Hmm. Funny piece. Plus I like your boo’s style. Now that was him being proactive….clip it before it goes….(lol).
    Your lines always rock you know. And thanks for the funny tip, I’ll be sure to fix me an extra eye at the back of me head. hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Honeycomb, I totally agree with your line of rationale: Clip it before it goes…. nice, real nice! *laughing*

      That funny tip…….. small thing; think nothing of it babycakes, better safe than sorry! Thanks for swinging by and for the compliments too, I humble! LMAO!


    • Hahahaha! Oh Quaint and Dainty China, you flatter the life outta me and leave me breathless, while you’re at it! *gasping* LMAO!

      Come on thither mi lady and spend several lifetimes with thy humble servant in ma word bank! You’d be doing me a great favour and the pleasure would be all of MINE for the taking and keeps! LOL

      I’m ecstatic you enjoyed this piece and I wanna thank you for all times too! Can’t thank you enough, especially now that thou art privy to mine ‘non-commenting works’! Does that ring a bell though?! I’ll bet! *winks* ROTFL

      I do love you loads darl and you rock so darn hard! Mwah! *laughing*

      Liked by 1 person

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