The Z Channel

Life passes by in a blur

Days merge into another

And the rushing wind howls past

The world is on steroids

And speeds past high on weed

Leaving you dizzy and flushed

Looking on helpless

Head as light as wool

Limbs as lead

Flailing, and on a downward spiral

Towards an uncertain end

Spurred on by gravity-

Whatever goes up and stops

Accelerating must surely come down.

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6 thoughts on “Free-fall

    • Hey there Sweet Sammie, ‘sup?! Its awesome seeing you here sweetness, and I totally knew you’d love that masterpiece! Thank you so much darl and there’s sooo much more from whence that came from! You could link up with the original post and voila, you’re where you oughta be! The blogsite’s owned by a dear friend of mine, a Poet like you; who knows his onions and reels out the finest, dopest lines ever! Am i gushing though?! My bad! Do look in on him will ya?! Thanks babycakes! And I’ll soo bet you wouldn’t be disappointed, nuh-uh! *winks*LOL

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