Can’t get enough of this phenomenal masterpiece of a composition, and though away on some kinda sabbatical; this drew me out and y’all should totally check it out! It resonates with me on a massive scale and am talking; MONUMENTAL! #Nuff Said# Phew! LMAO!

Enjoy! Mwah!

The Z Channel

In that realm between dreamland and reality

Your face hovers and lingers;


You are the first thought that greet me as I open my eyes

To a brand new day, one where I get to live without you;


You stick to my side all day, closer than my shadow

More intimate than my beating heart;


You are present in every cell,

And color every thought;


I pine for you all day, but you never really leave

And at night, I long for you;


You have become a part of me,

Living and breathing in me;


Everyone else is excluded,

It is you and I that defines ‘Us’;


But we don’t exist, not in the sense of the word,

And yet none else can become ‘Us’;


You came and filled me up

Made me whole;


And branded me,

Made me yours forever;

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4 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. Hey, Yemie, you lazy woman,

    Visited Topazo’s place–when are YOU gonna write some more? Meanwhile, since you’re sittin’ around doin’ nothin’ (that I can see–maybe you’re actually a whirlwind of offline activity, running your own micro-lending company–loaning out not just $, but perhaps as well shoe-mending kits to over-dressed women on their way to church 😉 )

    WHAT was I saying? Oh, yes: Since you have time on your hands:

    Based upon your avatar, this one thought you might appreciate the posts below.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Jumping JackRabbits O.B! You. Are. A. Mean. One! You still haven’t gotten over my lil fashion oops moment I see! And yes, I wish like B.O.B, an artiste; that I could just pretend that airplanes in the night skies were like shooting stars, or maybe I’d just as well go toss a penny into some wishing well somewhere and wish upon a star to not only dole out some cool currencies in $ and £ to folks, but also attend to the ‘urgent’, very professional needs of overdressed Church goers in dire need of some serious shoe-mending kits! Now that DOES sound like a plan! Really Phoenix??? Hahahahahaha! That’s a nice one Babe, only you! For sure! You crack me up BADD!!!! LMAO!

      I’ll put up a post ‘soon enough’, I hope! Yep, am lazy like that; who’s asking??? *rollingmyeyes* LOL

      I’m actually looking to get some bloggers I admire and respect aboard, and share their works here! That’s pretty much still in the works but we’ll see! You’re such a dear for sharing those links with me, am bowled over and will swing by those blogs as soon as I can manage it! *winks*

      Thanks for looking in sweetness, and sorry ’bout the late response too! Its the ‘lazy’ genes doing a number on me and I do feel like Garfield right now! Just wanna laze, whilst pigging out on some real mouth-watering and finger-licking junks! Wish me luck! ROTFLMAO!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Yemie,

        It’s good to hear from you and learn you live and breathe and eat–and eat! I see you went to town on the Likes, too : )
        I’m runnin’ around like crazy these days–barely time for blogging–but was happy to read the rhythm of your words again–that unique Yemie “Rat-a-tat, Hold your hat!”. Were you and I ever to meet, I imagine I’d have to record everything you say and play it back at a slower speed for my slower mind 🙂 .

        Gotta boogie now, Queen of the Quick. Sending you much love.

        –O. Babe

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  2. *tear* Oh Phoenix, the King of Queen of funny! You flatter and give me wayyyy too much credit than am truly deserving of! Plus, I really can’t help but laugh at the fact that I did go to town on the likes! However will you know that I’ve been there and done that ei?! That was me giving you a ‘progress report’ of sorts and nay, you aint slow! Phenomenal more like! Would sooo love to meet ya some day, that’d be my dream come true and am keeping my fingers crossed on that one! Afterall, all things are indeed possible, to all ’em who believe, yes?! LMAO!

    About ’em posts, take your pretty lil sweet time, no pressures! I’d also have you know am human O.B, and wolfing down on munchies pretty much comes with the territory, doesn’t it?! However will I find the much-needed ‘energy’ to be my usual vibrant, bumbling, boisterous self?! *winks* LOL

    Thanks for those kind words of compliments, am smitten! Will look in on thee soon too! You’re the absolute sweetest, the bestest and you rock too darn hard! My Word! *bear hugs* MWAH! LOL


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