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Book Covers!

It so checks out that I was nominated last year December, for the popular, most prestigious ‘Liebster Award’, given new bloggers by four delightful bloggers; for which I’d be eternally grateful that they do indeed find my little corner most adorable and lovable by all accounts! I’m totally bowled over, completely swept away and mighty honoured, yet greatly flattered by their kindly gestures and especially for the great vote, show and shower of confidence shown me! They really DO think me all that! Wowzer!

These delightsome bloggers are as follows, outlined in the manner for which the torch was passed on to me! Do ensure to click on their names, and see for yourselves what treasures lie on their spaces! You’d be mighty glad you did, trust me!

Amity aka Quaint and Dainty China,

Zika aka Honeycomb,

Topazo aka Doc McSteamy, McGloomy and McDreamy

Senor Joe, aka my Fairy Godbooboo

God bless, keep and honor y’all, thanks a-plenty! MWAH

I’ve since discovered that this award comes with certain ground rules! But, as we all know, rules were made to be broken as I’ve learnt overtime! So, in line with what obtains, yep; you guessed it; I’d be breaking some rules myself!

Rather than just throw around the links of my nominees, I intend giving them all a free rein to strut their stuff and bring on their “A” Game, blowing this whole joint down to the ground, by dropping off a post, anything at all that so tickles their fancy; kinda like ‘freestyling’! The idea sounds pretty capital to me and I hope they’ll all hop on the bandwagon, be good sports ’bout this and just run with it! Let’s do this guys, pretty please?!

My first nominee’s here with his spectacular masterpiece! He goes by the name Sammoyd, his pen name; but he tells me he’s simply Sam, on the street! A little background information ’bout this blogger I most admire and respect, is that he’s a very witty guy! His writes are highly intellectual and pretty sound! What’s more, some very popular preconceived notions that have been tried and tested overtime, has been ‘rubbished’ and proven oh sooo wrong by he who I especially love to refer to as ‘Spectacular Sammie’! He’s a master at his craft and art, and that’s besides his crazy sense of humour that goes on forever! Thank you for being such a sport Sammie, I shan’t forget! I owe you BIG TIME and you more than rock, too darn hard!

Lest I forget and most importantly, He blogs here! Please guys, check him out and you shan’t be disappointed! My Word!

Late one evening a couple of weeks ago, I had gone to buy fuel just a few minute’s walk from my house like I’d done for the previous three days of another insufferable blackout. I finally bought the night’s supply after a mildly annoying queue of other people that had the ingenious plan of buying fuel at the same time as I.

As I was turning back into my street on my way back home, a motorcycle approached from the main road trying to turn into the street too, but he was looking sideways, distracted. I half-froze in the middle of the intersection and waited for the middle-aged rider to look in front of him and notice me. The most harrowing part of this experience was the fact that his headlight was off (most likely damaged by the looks of it) and it was fairly dark already he could just have easily ran me over, mistaken me for an abnormally large squirrel; taken me home and barbecued me for his hungry family to feast on.

He finally concentrated on the road just in time, startled on seeing me, briefly struggled to regain control, and he soon went on his way without incident. “Nobody got barbecued? What a stupid story Sam!” I hear you say without actually saying it. I know, but the real story is not about me ending up on a spit, it’s about what I thought (or what you would have, if you were in my sweaty oversized shoes) about the whole situation; and the stupid man who couldn’t fix his bike’s headlight.

I concluded he was a very foolish man for putting his life and mine at a fatal risk by riding blindly in the dark. Years in the future, when I’m reminiscing with my grandchildren that don’t hate to hang out with their cranky ol’ grandpa, I’m always going to start this story with “One night, moons ago, I almost got hit by a stupid man…”


"What a soulless jerk!"

Was my assessment of the man wrong? Was it a hasty conclusion from underwhelming incomplete
data? Maybe he’s actually an upstanding guy to his family and friends. Maybe his headlight was damaged because only minutes prior, he hit a bunch of mobsters that were molesting a homeless guy (for whatever reason criminals do anything).

The point is, that stupid man could have been facing challenges that made bright shiny headlights the least of his worries at that particular time. But to me, it didn’t matter because he is always going to be the stupid man that almost turned my fuel run into a barbecue party. I took a mental shortcut and made him an embodiment of the first piece of information I got about him. Heck, for all I know, the man probably thought I was some idiot hippie, not smart enough to know not to stand in front of a killing machine.

Right now, he’s probably telling this story to his drinking buddies and starting it with “So, while I was checking out this chick by the side of the road, there was this idiot standing in the middle of the road, in front of my sexy, sexy killing machine…” and ending it with “What a klutz!” But, I was only out buying fuel.

Much has been made about first impressions and how decisive they are in making judgment calls about the kinds of people we choose to get into bed with on the giant mattress provided by the universe. “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”, so goes the saying that carries this notion on a wild piggy back ride. However, much less has been said about how limiting it can be to make snap judgments that focus too much attention on the first piece of information that jumps at you simply because it’s the easiest thing to do.

In making character judgments based on the first impressions you have of people, your mind takes a mental shortcut in the stead of a slower, more rational way of thinking to arrive at a better, well-rounded and informed opinion of them. For every one Boy meets Girl story that ends in a filmy “and they lived happily ever after (till they started having babies)”, there are millions of them that didn’t last two seconds because Boy made an adventurous dig with his finger into his nasal orifice at an inopportune moment. And because first impressions are near impossible to overturn, countless of what would have otherwise been beautiful relationships end up on the cutting room floor in the backstage of life.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a nice sentiment we’d all like to live by; but making judgment calls based on first impressions just seems like an easier, lazier way of getting through life without having to complicate it with complex deliberations like, “Maybe Boy had a nose infection and had to explore his nostrils with balm every hour”, or “Maybe Boy couldn’t use a tissue for his nasal exploration because he was robbed only minutes ago”. It’s for the same reason science says that we’re more likely to conclude that a woman without makeup on her face has more moral bones in her body than one that plasters her face every chance she gets.

Stripped bare, judgment calls based on inadequately-informed first impressions are lazy and perilously fragile. Increased exposure to someone would prove over time, for better or for worse, that first impressions are premature.

Rather than take the high road and skim through a 1000-page book in rushed seconds, sometimes it’s worth the time to take a seat and read the whole book.


Okay, okay...maybe, just skim a few.


78 thoughts on “Book Covers!

  1. Could only be Yemie!

    They have lock me from my blog o! I have to find different means to greet people now…

    So, why are we only seeing this one now? Haba!
    Long piece but it is you so what do we expect?

    This doesn’t count for a full piece so I’m hoping to see you do another one soonest, aite?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Could only be Yemie as how mbok?! *raised eyebrow*
      Locked outta your blog? For how?! *raising eyebrow some more*
      Did you read this post Su’eddie, did you?! *eyebrows aching at this time*
      Isn’t there a post owed me, isn’t there?!
      Oya, over to you, start singing already, Canary! *tongue out* LMAO!


    • I didn’t do it in two posts, cause I………CAN??? LMAO!

      Su’eddie, you know you’re up next doncha?! Stop showing yourself and get to it already! ROTFLMAO!


    • Come back here Su’eddie, amma get you for this I shall, if its the last thing I do! Just you watch your back, far aint far enough by golly! Hmf! LMAO!


    • Hahahahaha! No kidding??? And the moral of that story is………?! Plus, however would you even know?! Did you just ‘skim’ through the pile of books to arrive at that hasty conclusion or did you look through the whole stack, piled up high?! Pray, tell Su’eddie, I wanna hear it, puh-lease! *straight face*

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    • Going to look again?! Hmmm…….that wouldn’t be necessary Su’eddie, do not sweat it! Its of no consequence, really it isn’t! It’s fine, totally! *Yinmu* LMAO!

      Don’t worry your pretty lil head ’bout space, just lay it on me and lemme worry ’bout that, I’ve got this! *rme* LOL

      That’s pretty much sorted, so just……breathe! *inhale exhale* Very good……very good…….. VERY GOOD! ROTFLMAO!

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      • I like Nancy Farmer’s African books, myself. Is she not popular wherever it is you are? (You ducked that question, Yemi, and I have been so respectful and not looked up the language snippets or the IP address. I’m a good girl, I am.)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahahaha! Ducked what question O.B?! Been so respectful, what do you going on ’bout now?! Plus, Nancy Farmer…… Who in the heck is she?! Never heard of her! ROTFLMAO!

        Perhaps Su’eddie might have an idea, so do you buddy or did I just think wrongly?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!

        Nancy doesn’t sound Nigerian though, maybe she’s of Southern African descent or another part of Africa, but she’s certainly NOT Nigerian; I think! Will go ‘google’ her and see what I can find! Thanks for this unsolicited assignment O.B, thanks a lot! *rme* LMAO!

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      • Farmer’s not African, much less Nigerian, but she at least has written popular Y.A. books about Africa, which is more than any other mainstream Y.A. author of whom I’m aware. I loved the ones I read: The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm”, unlike anything else I can imagine, and “A Girl Named Disaster”. (Farmer lived somewhere in Africa–did not google which country, don’t recall–for a bunch of years.) I really liked her “The House of the Scorpion”, also, which has nada to do with Africa.

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      • Okay, that’s sorted then and I don’t have to go on a wild goose chase looking for a Nancy Farmer who aint ‘Africaine’! You’re such a lifesaver O.B, I mean; whatever will I do without thee?! Phew! *tongue out* LMAO!


  2. …Hilarious, quite! However, the beauty is that within the loaves of hilarity is the meat of the whole post. Thought provoking…Yemie…Ya own must yato…but your variety is a spice, refreshing….Nice one!!!

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    • Thank you so much ‘Swaggalicious’, for taking the time out to read, digest and drop off thy golden thoughts! Sammie says to say ‘LOL’ and thanks, His actual words! *giggling* But seriously, we ‘ppreciate your kindly gesture and I’d suggest you visit his glorious site for some more thought-provoking writes, tink-tanks that’d get your thought processes spiraling upwards into an overactive overdrive! Dude’s got mad game and I also call him ‘Sensemaker’, cause that’s who he is! A man given to a great amount of wisdom and of course, he’s got it going ON! LMAO!

      Rock on Flow Merchant, God bless you plenty! Before you, na you; after you nko?! Oh look! That’ll be you….. again! Damn! *rme* ROTFLOL

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      • …I don’t know how you do it…you wave your wand and a man feels like a million dollars…feels his innards turning into premium gold…..You are in a class of thine own sis….class of thine own…

        Liked by 3 people

      • *tear* Amma just gon’ break down and cry for real now! Wow! You sweep me away, right off of my feet with ’em sweet words Unique, but here’s the thing, am just as clueless as thou art! Dunno how I do whatever it is I do but I do know one thing for sure……when something’s far above and wayyy beyond one’s own understanding and comprehension, then it must be because a Higher, Most Superior Force is somewhere in the background, calling all of the shots, pulling out all the stops and making things happen in the amazing way that they do! Plus, the delightsome folks He planted and kept rooted along the wayside to bring out the absolute bestest in me and that pretty much includes you my Good Sir and thou knowest! You it is that puts ‘Class’ in ‘Classy’, for real! I’m acting NOT alone! *winks* LOL

        Bottomline…….and in the very beautiful words of Stanley Ohikuare, who picked up an award for the Best Cinematographer with his Blockbuster flick ‘Verdict’, at the recently concluded AMVCA, ‘God’s the source of my strength and the strength of my life’, I can only but do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me! Na God o, and in the magical words of an artiste, as sung in a song I love so much……’Everything I do, na God win, na God win… God win o’! Thanks Swag, you more than rock! LMAO!


      • …I will not take the credit sis…There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding…I will never take an honour that is not mine…

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      • …Countess of Gapborough, you never tell a gentleman that he is a cheat or he is cheating to his face…might be that you are spoiling for a duel…Be care what thou wishest for…..

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      • Countess of wetin??? Hahahahaha! Dunno where you get ’em names and titles from, but you….are wayyyy cooler than I, when it comes to handing out appellations! You certainly DO know how to bring it! Twale, His Royal Nameship….. The King’ whatever in the heck that means! LOL

        So, this is me choosing NOT to be careful and spoiling for war! Do your worst Swag, hit me; I don’t scare easy! Bring. It. On! Hmf! LMAO!

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  3. I will try not to judge Sam by this post. I will find time, look for a blackened or broken (it doesn’t matter) stool, spread my spotless handkie on it, click (if network holds) on his site and read his 1000-page blog. Thanks Yemie for bringing talents here. Looking forward to the other chaps and praying for time to open their books…

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    • Hehehe! Just the mischievously enriching response I was hoping for and looking forward to! Crazy guy! *smh* LOL

      Its mighty heartwarming Kingsley that you do plan to check out Sammie’s offerings and I bet you dearie, that you shan’t regret that decision ever, for shizzie! Just ensure the stool’s in great shape; we wouldn’t want for the same cruel fate that befell ‘Humpty Dumpty’, to become thy lot! Now would we?! *Yinmu* LMAO!

      As for bringing talents here, its solely the enabling of the Good Lord and the awesome vessel He used in setting up this whole blogsite in the first place, not forgetting of course, those beautiful souls who thought me worthy of any award at all! I take zero credits, absolutely but thank you so much for all of your support thus far, they’ve not gone unnoticed, and am pretty sure you know that bit already! You rock Humor Merchant, for always! *winks* LOL

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    • Hehehe! Na real ‘cunny cunny’ way and you crack me up Honeycomb! Thanks for reading, commenting and most especially for your cotinued readership and how could i forget the award?! Phew! LOL

      Sweets, you made this happen and am so grateful and deeply humbled! Sammie says to say thank you too, and maybe, just maybe; he’d come out to get some much-needed fresh air, let down his hair and play! *rme*

      In the mean time however, he sends his heartfelt regards! You can check out some more of his highly intellectual writes on his site, that’d make his day! Thanks for always Sis mi, I humble gan ni! *bunnyhugs* LMAO!

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  4. Oh now, thou speaketh in the lingo of the Nobles, O Great Sire and I followeth not! So then, come on thither and break it down a lowly, lowly notch for us little people or is this the part where I start begging?! *straight face* LMAO!

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      • So you fell for my bait then……. hook, line, sinker and STINKER??? Neat!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        I’ll have you know I was just playing Devil’s Hide with thee, with the foreknowledge that you’d fall in head first! Typical! *yawning* LMAO!

        Am I ‘the ‘man’ or what?! HMPH! ROTFLMAO!


      • Yeah, sure! And what does that make you Sissy?! Go pick on someone your size Swag, I mean, apparently, gladiators don’t wage wars on the lily-livered except they are, wait for it…..lily-livered themselves and am talking ’bout Chickens!!!!! *doing the Chicken wing dance* LMAO!

        Go adorn your Chicken suit Swaggie Cuck-Coo, it looks pretty magnificent on you! Plus, did I mention it…….that it DOES take ONE to know ONE?! I just did, OOPS! ROTFLMAO!


  5. Swag, don’t say that o! Begging does not become of a countess? Think again. That’s if there is no puff puff at stake. Having said that though, Yemie, just cool your temper. Swag is just suffering from the aftermath of too much Oyibo epic movies. We need to douse him with some other kind of distraction…lol.

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  6. There you go again cry baby, still sulking I see! Leave ma Honeycomb be, she’s no Brutus and has done absolutely nothing wrong Julius Caesar! Ahem…I meant Chichi! *tongue out*

    Quit casting aspersions at her will you?! Habatically! *rme* LMAO!

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  7. How can I leave a dull comment in the midst of all this fast-flying multi-lingual wit without feeling that I am leaving a handprint on a piece of art?

    Too bad! Smart story, skillfully told.

    There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

    You may now resume your brilliant banter with no further interruption.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Allow me this opportunity to say a big thanks to you Quaint and Dainty China, you it was that set this ball rolling and without you, all of these wouldn’t have been possible! Thanks for making this happen, am deeply humbled! LOL

        Sammie also extends his regards and hopes too that you’d a make brief stop by at his space! I’m pretty certain that you shan’t be disappointed! Thanks sweets for coming by, I ‘ppreciate lots! Rock on, will ya?! *laughing*

        Liked by 1 person

      • LMAO! I’m thanking you for the nomination dear, like you didn’t know! Hmf! *laughing*

        You do know that without it, all of these wouldn’t have been possible, doncha?! So again I say a big thanks to you for considering me worthy of any award at all! That’s so humbling! LOL

        Thank you also for looking in and reading QnDC, its such a great honor having you here! *big smile*

        Plus, Highness?! Who?..Me?! Nah! I be small pikin o, I no sabi book! ROTFLMAO!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmmmm 😶
        I seeeee….
        You do derserve it goddess and of course you did get nominated by others because i am certain they saw what i saw😊
        Who would not love to read from you…. tell me?
        Only a stone wouldn’t i guess
        Keep on writing and sharing your beautiful thoughts
        And keep spreading joy because that is what you do lively goddess😇

        Liked by 1 person

      • *tear* Aw! Thank you so much sweetness, all of ‘these’…..could ONLY have been possible with all of you delightful folks, being such great sports; otherwise, I’d just be there….inactive! Y’all are the catalysts that sets me off and keep me going, so ALL of the credits goes to everyone, who’s ever given me that time of day to get my ‘silly on’, and as long as that continues, the love and joy will multiply and we’d all keep one another going one way or another, drawing that much-needed strength we need to get by in this crazy, extremely beautiful world, from one another! *laughing*

        Thanks again dear, can’t seem to reiterate that enough! You blow me away! *courteseying* LOL


    • Hahahaha! You know Phoenix, I’d thought you’d just intended to walk on right by after registering your support and alliance with my buddy Su’eddie on the African Book thingy and my having evaded his question, but imagine my surprise?! *rme* LMAO!

      Sammie says a big thanks to you for reading and dropping off of your thoughts and I’d also like for you to take a sneak peek of his glorious space, he’d be mighty tickled! ROTFLMAO!

      I’m pretty sorry again for the late response, couldn’t be helped but you do understand doncha?! *winks* LOL

      Thanks ever so much for looking in O.B, its always a pleasure to see you on these plains! I STILL love you tons, for always! Mwah! *laughing*


  8. Hahahaha, did you see that stupid bike man who almost made me a roadkill because he was scoping a chic on the roadside. And all I had to do was go and buy fuel, because nepa was nepa. Nepa too is probably stupid and the people not making it work lol. In short nepa almost made me a road kill.

    I laughed all through the piece. Lol. Veery funnily written, but hits home too

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahahaha! The issues those guys have caused us on these shores cannot be de-emphasized! May God deliver us from ’em! *smh* LOL

      I’m so happy you found this both insightful and funny Phantom, and I enjoin you to visit Sammie’s site for more of this kinda intellectual, mouth-watering writes! I’ll bet you, you shan’t be disappointed! Those aint watered-down like this one right here, nuh-uh! Just you go on ahead and take a peek! LMAO!

      He says to say thank you, and will be on the look-out for you! Thank you for making my day again Mede, this is totally humbling for real! Mwah! *big smile*


  9. “However, much less has been said about how limiting it can be to make snap judgments that focus too much attention on the first piece of information that jumps at you simply because it’s the easiest thing to do.”

    Aha! Very true.

    Haha. People always say the bab(i)e(s) changes things.

    I found myself in a rather amusing situation when a long running assumption of an author’s gender was shattered when I decided to check the back of the book.

    Lazy assumptions/deductions. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahahaha…..awk-WARD! 😂😂😂

      Do not despair TM, that happens to the best of us I guarantee! 😉😄

      A friend from back in the days was totally strung up on this On Air Personality that was super fly and groovy in the way she did her ‘thang’! She had game…really tight! My buddy, female sends her a romantic note, happily announcing to me what she’d just done! I stopped in my tracks and mentioned to her that the OAP ‘dude’ was actually female and ahem….shit kinda hit the roof at that point when she realized to her horror that she’d goofed up…..big time! Big Oops! 👿😆

      In the end, we just had a good laugh ’bout it and well, this OAP totally shunned her and never returned her mail! I guess that was for the best init?! 😂😂😂

      I am sooo glad you really could relate with this write and topic, and am doubly sure Sammie will be over the moon too! Thanks a bunch T.Michele, you do rock for shizzie! 😎✌


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