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An Ode For Me As Rendered By Passion Through Poetry

This is yet another one of my nominees that’s an absolute delight! I have only known her for a while, but we share a deep and beautiful connection that if I didn’t know any better, I coulda sworn we’ve known each other from times past, in another place and time!

Her name’s Vonita and she’s a really sweetly and kindly soul!  She composes the most soul-stirring and heartwarming of masterpieces, as far as poetry goes! By my definition, she’s a woman of many artistic talents; that you simply cannot help but fall in love with her and her art! Take my word for it guys when I say Passion Through Poetry’s a very lively and hearty space, a place you definitely wanna be at; for you can be sure that you’d find pocketfuls to smile and laugh ’bout! Please do well to check her out here, and discover why am so easily taken by this beautiful mind of a great Poet and an even greater soul ! Thanks in anticipation babycakes, y’all shall be more than glad that y’all did!

Thank you so much for being such a sport my darling, your offering brought tears of joy unspeakable, streaming down my face and my happiness knows absolutely no bounds! I bless the day you found me sweets and I wish you and your entire household all of life’s very finest and then some! God bless you mine sweetness, you rock for always! Cheers!

Rabbits. Beauty Art Design of Cute Little Easter Bunny in the Me

Yemi is an absolute dream

She always makes me scream

With laughter at her many jokes

My affection she cannot coax

For she fills my blog with love

She is like a gentle dove

(who loves bunnies)

We love you Yemi, that we do

So whatever you do, please don’t go

We need you



21 thoughts on “An Ode For Me As Rendered By Passion Through Poetry

  1. What’s not to love about Yemie…? I’m yet to read one of her comments that doesn’t make me smile in some way! Or even just shake my head fondly.

    By the way, you may think you know better o… perhaps you may be wrong, perhaps you really do come from waay back.

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    • Yay!!! The Phantom comes outta hiding and even better, I get serenaded by him! How pretty cool’s that?! D-Dang! *rme* LMAO!

      Aw! Thanks a lot buddy, what can I possibly say…am soo short of words right now, tongue tied really! Those comments that make you smile are all products of the originators of the respective posts I dare to drop off my thoughts, without which I’d just be…blank! Empty! Non-sounding! Mute! And God of course, He makes it all happen behind the scene! LOL

      Thank you sooo much Mede, am totally bowled over by you and did I mention flushed?! I just did and I blame you for it in totality! *laughing*

      God bless and keep you, for shizzie! Please ensure also, to look in on Passion Through Poetry and I’ll bet you’d find lots to laugh ’bout, she’s absolutely incredible and plenty lovable! Rock on buddy, R-E-S-P-E-C-T! *saluting* LOL

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      • Wow! Vonita’s gained a new, dopest follower! *laughing*

        Thank you so much Phantom, I ‘ppreciate lots! May you be honored above and wayyyy beyond your expectations IJN, Amen! You’re much too much! Mwah! LOL


    • *sniff sniff* Aw! Angel?! I think am gonna cry right now! I’m deeply humbled Zee, you don’t know the half of it and I have to look myself over a coupla times, as I just really wonder, at the ‘wonder’ of it all! Spooky ei?! LOL

      Thank you mine Honeycomb! You, sweets….are a gurl’s gurl and am so blessed to have you and even better; the divine gift of your friendship! You’re a God-sent! Thank you for always mine sweetness, you make my life soooo beautiful and loving you comes really easy that I don’t even have to try or force it! You’ve been so good to me, you’re the absolute ‘bestest’ and may the Good Lord continually bless and keep you and all of your adorables IJN, Amen! Mwah, pelu opolopo bear hugs! *winks* LOL

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    • Wow! And to the woman of the moment, I say…. thanks a-plenty for coming through for me Vonita; you honor me greatly and render me speechless! *giggling*

      I absolutely love the illustrations of the bunnies roaming free and chowing down on grass in the meadows! Needless to say, I’ll be keeping ’em….something to ALWAYS remember you by! That way, when I open up my page and behold ’em bunnies, I think ‘Sweet, Most Adorable Vonita’! I guess what am trying to say to you Vee’s ‘THANK YOU’! I shan’t ever forget this grand gesture of yours! I’m writing and engraving it on the templates of my heart, forever! God bless your heart, love you TONS! xoxoxoxoxo LOL

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      • *tear* That illustration was actually the cherry a-top of the pudding for me and I had to snatch it up immediately! *eyelashes* LOL

        Thank you so much Vonita, for leaving your loving fingerprints on the sands of these plains! I’ll forever hold dear and cherish that photo and by extension…YOU! Thanks! Thanks!! Many, many thanks!!! *hugs* LOL

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  2. Yeah right. Several times she has been a little voice that encourages me to try, a gentle push when I get “tongue and pen-tied” and strong c’mon-get-it-over-with kinda shove when I just won’t budge.

    Well deserved one my kind, sweet, bunny-phillic, fluid god-tibitibi (you’re in my one chance). 🙂

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    • Jojo, you wanna burst ma brains out with all ’em titles ati appellations abi?! Well….go on ahead then, who’s complaining?! Definitely NOT I! *shrugs* ROTFL

      D-Damn Momma, am sooo floating in mid-air, levitating! *rme* ROTFLMAO!

      Thank you for always Joe, whatever it is that I do, YOU make so much easier! So you see, am not acting alone; its teamwork, You+I! LOL

      God bless you dear and have you a splendid week ahead, you deserve ONLY the best! For ‘realest’! Shine on, you must! Mwah! LMAO


    • *laughing* I’ll bet you will! And that smile abi na laugh ngwa leaves a whole lot to mine imagination Zee! ‘Scaryfying’! *tongue out* ROTFL

      Kinda reminds of the smile the Sly Wolf gave to little Red Riding Hood in that evergreen classic folktale…sinister! I’ll take it, cause I recognize that it comes from a good place, a place honest and oh so true! Thanks dear and have you a fantastic week! Rock on, I plenty dare you to! Mwah! LMAO!

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  3. This poem has come at the rightest time, because Yemee is always moaning and saying, ‘I wish I didn’t owe a blog…’ And the spirit of God led someone to warn, ‘Whatever you do, don’t dare go away!’ or else we will hit you with a poker on the face and leer as you bleed. We love you so much but it’s the kind of love that will breed post-blogging violence if you walk away from your blog, our blogs.

    Thanks Vonita for this, you have won yourself a new fan

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    • Kingsley!!! You silly you! Wait until I get my hands on you! *smh* LMAO!

      Aw! I’m sooo tearing up! You know, when I saw Vonita’s offering, I was taken aback! Those final lines of the poem caught me offguard as I’d NEVER ‘moaned’ or even mentioned it to her that I’d wanted to close up shop! Is that creepy or what?! ROTFL!

      Funny that you’d pick up on those very lines, you crazy guy! Notice how I seem to call you crazy a lot these days! What’s up with that?! *rme* LMAO!

      Thank you so much Humor Merchant, and with you rooting and cheering me on to my victory, then I say ‘Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta’! I shall proceed onwards and not look back! You know you more than rock don’t ya?! God bless and keep ya ma Jellybeans, do check out Vonita’s glorious haven; it’d be worth your every while! *bearhugs n kisses* LOL


  4. She said it all.
    What more can i say than to urge you to keep on doing that which you do best…
    Sprinkling your golden words of joy and laughter all over the blogsphere ….
    Those words are pricless and a good medicine for the soul

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    • Hehehe! Thank you QnDC, and I shall ensure to adhere to every one single letter of thy golden admonition! With your love, backing and support of course; cause aint NO ways can I do or go it all alone; would be too ‘grueling’ and tasking! *rme* LMAO!

      May the Good Lord, who’s the SOLE ‘inspirator’ of those words you perceive as priceless, be with you and all of yours, for now; for always! Thanks for swinging by….AGAIN dear, am totally done in, by golly! *laughing*


    • *flushed and gasping* Hoo boy! Enters he with a cocktail of personas, and appellations to boot; Doc McDreamy! Oh la! And hol up! Did HE just call ME…. beautiful?! Me?! Huh?! Oh mehn my head’s spinning and I can neither feel nor find my feet and balance! Someone please call 911 or what’s our emergency code again in this country?! Too late……*passes out* ROTFLMAO!

      Dr Temitope Ogundare of ‘The Z-Channel’, the dazzler! My story couldn’t possibly be told or even written at all without a mention of you, cause that will be an incomplete and phony tale! You DO know that doncha?! You’re wayyyy beyond and above mere words, too complicated for words and whenever I do indeed find that word that takes into cognizance all I know, not think; that you are, I’ll be sure to hit you up and lay it all on thee! For now, I’d simply just settle for ‘Larger than life’ and ‘Outta this world’! That’s you alright, Omo Nla! LMAO!

      You’re more than a friend…. you’re family; for now; for always! Mine Veritable Adonis and he who began my sojourn into the beautiful, crazy and most interesting world of social media and the blogging scene as a whole! You could NEVER do not a single wrong mine Sweetness and am forever indebted to you for all times! Plus, you DO know exactly how cooreizy I am ’bout you, still am; and forever will be! Thank you so much for looking in Munchkins, can you just feel the excitement up in here?! Can you?! *rme* LOL

      You rock for always and may the Good Lord honor you in a way only He can IJN, Amen! SWSLK n LOL *winks* LMAO!


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