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The Music From The Other Room!

Moving on with my ‘Liebster Award’ Nominees, I present to y’all, the very dynamic Su’eddie Vershima Agema! An award winning, very prolific writer cum poet, and a sage of sorts! Dude’s extremely deep as can be deduced from the masterpieces he churns out on his glorious site! He writes the most ‘ah-mazing’ flash fictions, short stories and composes such abstract, intensely divine unsafe pieces of poetic writings, that will tug at your heartstrings by their very compelling nature! He’s an absolute  romantic at heart, incurable and plenty unapologetic! He adores nature and music but his all time favorite pastime’s reading! Is it any wonder then that he’s pretty knowledgeable?! A very cool nerd I find him, without a single ounce of doubt!

Please do take a sneak peek of his glorious space and get a taste of his world here, and you’ll see just how easily this ‘Grand Crusader of the Written and Published Works of Literature’, as I like to call him is an award-worthy, pretty talented gentleman! Did I mention that he’s also funny?! Well then, I just did!

Thanks for coming two times through for me ‘Viashima’, may Aondo bless and keep you and all of yours! You DO rock and its been a great pleasure knowing and rolling with you! Thanks again, I’m deeply humbled! Cheers Sire! 

 I hear the sound come in. It is one I have heard before. I had danced several times to its many renditions. They hadn’t been mine. They were those of my friends and recently, the very last of my sisters. It reminded me of all those days, when we were little. It was like the rain dropping. I have always been fascinated by that too—tap, tap, tap. It is a sound that has kept me company many times. Music now has come to be like that for me. Music playing, twisting through and through, they define it all: the sol-fa notes on and on punctuating heartbeats through pulsating notes of varying tempos. I am a music connoisseur and I can tell all the sounds individually. I can tell even where voices become mechanised or harmonised with some instrument or machine.

I am that good.

Music has come to define every life experience for me. It is and was always one song or the other—mostly beautiful tunes, especially those from the other sides, the other rooms. They were the blistering songs of the dance rooms where recklessness hit the floor as couples danced at first meets, the ease of casual relationships energising their bones in abandon. The dances were often but many times, devoted. There grew the different types of music, mainly that of the ballroom, many times of two hearts flowing step by step in many styles—tangos and simple waltz, they were always perfect when it stayed two. Sometimes, it moved differently and seized with the intrusion of one more. Yes, I knew all the songs and I knew the dances. I have been there. I had been there.

You made most of it. I remember your genesis. Of course, I can tell the future from sound. But let us not lose rhythm. You. Yes, you. Your voice was surely the last thing to hold me or anyone. Your behaviour was something out from some savage place. You were in every sense of the word, unbred—and I didn’t think it would be through to all the meanings of the word. I had placed you in the composition where you belonged—a tuneless song. You were rough and all but it didn’t mean you didn’t have brains. You were one of those silently brilliant ones.

We had come to be acquaintances and I took it you weren’t too bad a person. Rough and gruff but okay. I noticed the moves and started to think of a concert—that of a duo. It was the 12th of February, two days to the toast of Siamese heartbeats. The lonely winds were all that were going to play for me that time. I steeled myself to watch on as others waltzed their evenings away. Many friends had come to tell me about who their partner would be. I sighed. The classics came to my aid drifting me away. It took me by surprise then when you said those words, out of nowhere:

“What will you say if I asked you out?”

There was noise everywhere but I answered immediately without thinking it over: “Yes. Okay.” In that second, I thought of how to change your chords and make you fall into tune. I looked at you in that second and discovered it would take so much work but I would try. In that very second, I thought all these and a new song started to play. It was one I had heard in the lives of many. It was finally going to be mine. Then, you blurted as immediate as my answer:

“I was joking.”

The song went flat—cut. Reflex? I simply changed the song back to the one playing before. Silence screamed as everyone turned to look at us. A few turned away after a while embarrassed on my behalf, perhaps. I ignored these people who heard you shatter the melody that had started building for me. Those who would see me in a whole new light of wrong. You couldn’t have known at that time but I had built a concert in that second for you, the concert had started from the time we became acquaintances.

It really was reflex, as you pointed out later but you don’t just cancel a concert in session, or one about to be started, one newly created—ahh! Whatever. You don’t just do that and expect to have everything come back together in one breath! No.

Later, much later, you made more moves, becoming a far better musician than I ever thought. I smiled at the efforts but never let it get to me till the big bangs of graduation came our way. You had taught me in your earlier instant action that one had to be patient to let the other know the right sets of notes to make it work. In love, there was no one hit wonder. You had to take time. All the way up to the wider world, you never stopped. You kept practicing and it seemed the tunes kept getting better. The thrill finally hit the spot and I knew I could say ‘No’ no more. You had learnt through the plays, teases and all. Even in my refusals, you had located the strings to my heart and now knew the exact chords – the way to play the tunes that were truly mine…


I hear the sound now. I close my eyes and let my cardiac drums play the beats to my heart. I hear the music from the other room—I have heard it several times. This time, it plays in this room. I open my eyes and you are standing there, standing here, staring at me, hands proffered up, knees to the ground…

Su’eddie Vershima Agema blogs at and can be reached at, @sueddieagema on Twitter. The author of the short story collection, Bottom of Another Tale, Su’eddie was Joint Winner, Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA; Prize 2014.

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34 thoughts on “The Music From The Other Room!

  1. Ok, the eye widening moment was:

    “I was joking”

    How could you crash the music so??? a beautifully building orchestra… only to wind stuck like a stuck cassette tape.

    I guess both musicians learned patience at the end of the day. Cheers Sueddie,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow Phantom, I totally dig your rationale on this very abstract masterpiece! I had to actually read through severally to figure out what the Narrator was going on ’bout! And you’re so right: patience and long suffering endured and ruled oh so supreme in the end! You know what they say ’bout love coming softly, and it did find these two, at the absolute and very perfect time! That was such a romantic twist in the end! LOL

      Thank you sooo much Mede for swinging by, I ‘ppreciate LOADZ! Rock on, Mwah! *laughing*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. In the end I guess that in life, like love, we have to learn a lot. Kai! But guys are harsh o…

    Thanks Mededot for the words. Yemie… This your intro sef… Hmmm. No words.

    *back to writing world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Spot on, ‘Sagely Su’eddie’! We Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. In this order, we couldn’t possibly go wrong! LOL

      What ’bout the intro?! Was it something I didn’t say or perhaps left out?! *raised eyebrow* LOL

      Plus, I’ll get to correcting that other ‘anomaly’ on the morrow! The ANA thingy, do bear with me on that one, will ya?! *laughing*

      Its great seeing you here Su’eddie, always and thanks for being such a great sport; two times in a row! Wowzer, na you biko! LMAO!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol, you are right Yemmie… I did quit a few times while reading. Then i opened my email again, and there it was, staring at me. So i said: Why lets give it a try one more time.

    You know… those three words actually did wake me from the half-interested way i was reading. I was like What??? These small boys sef… be spoiling a fine gals heart.

    From that point on, all the music kinda made more sense. Lol. Wedone Sueddie

    Liked by 2 people

    • Right-ho Phantom, those words were a kinda turning point in this very abstract masterpiece and unless one looked and read well enough, the whole idea of the story in itself might be lost and then one begins to grovel and wonder what point exactly the writer’s trying to make! Its a very complex tale this, requiring maximum concentration and focus, hence the coining of ‘Sage’, for the Mastercraft who composed this! LOL

      Thanks again Mede, I am truly appreciative! God bless ya real good! Mwah! LOL


    • Thank you sooo much Swag, this piece right here’s one of a kind! Its kinda like speaking in songs and tunes and I find it real dreamy…..the makings of a very deep mind! I’m so glad you did get it, enough to DARE to throw in your thoughts! You rock jo, I swear it and Su’eddie will be soooo delighted! LMAO!


  4. Dr. Swag… Thank you, really much. Your words, to borrow the cliche, are music to my ears 🙂

    Hmmm, but really, do you think it really cool that you should pray to have that appetite die? You sure say e no go dey boring? 🙂

    I dey read you well. Glad you could find something out of this. At some point, Yemie and I were beginning to wonder if we hadn’t put together a French piece. #phew!

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  5. Life is one huge symphony
    A cacophony of sounds that at times appear to be in disarray and dissonant. To the ears attuned to sounds, one can make out the melody in the chaos
    Love’s melody…*sigh* it’s the most complex…sometimes, it’s loud, a fortissimo, sometimes it’s soft…at times it’s a chaotic blend of notes, harsh and rough….in all its shades the music of love, is the most pleasant and delectable …

    Only Sueddie can do this… when poets write fiction, it’s always with class. They hide their meaning behind imagery, and the romantic nature shone brightly although he tried to hide it amidst the music….unfortunately for him, music is the wrongest place to hide love and romance…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Topazo..who art thou? What a comment? Naturally, you handle the pen like a paint brush, now you play it like Apollo on the lyre…You make one fall in love and dance to the music of thy words…Please aside from the literary lyre which musical instrument do you play????

      Liked by 2 people

      • Ah! Na wa o… It’s been beezy here today and I sure would have run to drop comments back… Docky is hiding and claiming gentle abi… Abegi!

        Bashorun Topazo, Agbalagbangba ti o ju Agbalagba ati Agbalagbi lo ni ojokojo! Iba yin o! The song is sang well enough by Dr Swag and Yemie and we find it no wrong, so you have to find something else to sell… 🙂

        Nice poem there, Topazo… I have to thank you, Dr. Swag and Yemie… I no fit dance again; old age and the waist pain from heavy duty 😉 but it is well. A sonorous voice sang earlier declaring that the music play on… Even when we don’t dance, we can simply swim in the beauty of its flow… Abi? 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • Hmm….and that was how the Sagely One made a most dramatic entry….Dang! 😂😂😂😂

        Mind Bashorun Topazo….NOT, he’s a goofball, for shizzie and surely he kids! 😁😁😁

        Plus, whatever have you been doing with your waist ‘Viashima’, dancing Makossa or ‘Makossa’?! Pray tell’ 😈

        Thanks for coming through ‘Kingmaker’, Aondo bless ya yanfu yanfu! MWAH! 💖


      • Makossa? Hmmm. I have been taking the longest walks history has known and they have sure been knocking me out! 🙂

        Yemie! We will catch you o… and I no follow you talk ‘Goofball’ for the Oga o… Ah!

        *walks away quietly…

        Liked by 2 people

      • Long walks ei?! Hmm, I hia thee, hian! 😆

        Walking away quietly abi?! Why does this suddenly feel like a deja vu? Like I’ve heard you say that before! 😞

        Keep walking o, Johnny Sueddie Walker! Scare-Eddy Cat! 😛😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • You haven’t heard me say the ‘Walk away quietly’ o… Maybe it is a different person.

        Ah! Say what you want but, if you call someone Bashorun and add another word that is not right, ha, isn’t that talking from two sides of the mouth? Ah… No, not the Docky…

        Yemie oo! Hmmm. Hokay ho! Your time will come yet.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Totally swept off and awayyyyyy…….Cowabunga! 😭🙌🙊

      This is an absolute, nay; ethereal submission Doc, Su’eddie must be doing the jive right now! This is sure as hell to blow him away skyhigh! Beautiful…..just beautiful! I love it! 😊

      And while Su’eddie speaks in songs; Nicki Minaj says that life’s a movie that has not a sequel, so we oughta just LIVE it! To every man his own imagery, so long as one can make it work, I guess! 😉

      Thank you soooo much Doc, wisdom multiplied Sire; Agbalagba!!!! 😂😂💖

      Liked by 1 person

      • Really? Sueddie is the sage o, the agbalagba. Me, ayam just a small boy learning at the feet of the greats…I’m glad I have them plenty- Yemie, Sueddie, Swag, Zee

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah sure Doc, kid yourself some more! Agbalagbangba ti o ju Agbalagba ati Agbalagbi lo ni ojokojo! Iba yin o! Swag don already surmise am finish! So, just file bee! I didn’t just affirm that you’re a whole lot more ‘weightier’ than gold and diamonds on your spanking new post….e get wetin I see, just take it from me! You’re much toooo damn much! 😉❤

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