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Babe + Ruth Forever!


And so, my ‘Liebster Award’ nominees train moves right along, with my next stop at Babe’s!  I do especially love to call her ‘The King Of Queens Of Funny’ and ‘Phoenix’, for the mere reason, nay; fact that she inspires me a WHOLE lot! She’s an Amazon, a Fighter and a Victor, thus the appellation, ‘Phoenix’! Through all of her life’s woes and struggles, she comes out smelling like the most beautiful and sweetest of scented roses, taking all in her strides and managing somehow, someway; to smile and laugh through life’s adversities! She’s witty, feisty, fierce, fabulous and very intelligent, a firebrand! She’s the phenomenal one with the pen name, ‘Outlier Babe’, and she blogs here! If you’re not afraid to get your ‘silly on’ and laugh yourself sore whilst picking up life lessons and getting plenty inspired too, then she’s your ‘Man’! She’s my idol and I love her to pretty bits and teeny-tiny pieces, TOTALLY!

Thank you sooo much for doing this for me Phoenix, God bless and keep you and all of yours ma pumpkin! You do know you rock doncha?! Well then, now you do and I flatter you …….NOT! *smoochies*


21 thoughts on “Babe + Ruth Forever!

  1. Way down here, where Yemi will peek,
    She’ll see I was a night-time sneak.
    The world clock told me you were snoring–,
    A one-word change couldn’t wait ’til morning!
    (Three mails (!) I sent will tell you why.)

    Now: Please change your password, or, on the sly,
    Next time I visit, your long-eared friends,
    May turn green and warty with flipper foot-ends.
    Though both are known for their hopping ways,
    I suspect you prefer that the furry ones stay.

    (Can you tell I’m exhausted? The rhymes barely scan,
    The rhythm’s all knock-kneed; the tune’s flat as
    if it hadn’t any at all.)

    Thank you so much, Yemi, for that very beautiful and generous introduction about someone whom I must now aspire to become. And thank you very much for posting my long, long piece which I was compelled to write and share.

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    • I made it here …..FINALLY! Seems like several lifetimes, and I just couldn’t wriggle free however hard I tried but am here now, so lets get this show on the road shall we?!! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!

      Like Goldilocks who’d discovered to her chagrin, nay; HORROR, that a sneaky ‘lil bear had not only sat in her chair and broken it, but also had to effrontery to gobble down on her porridge and then the GUTS to sleep in HER bed, I knew and had a hunch that you’d been sneaking around and creeping in on me! I’m on to you O.B, you’d do well to watch your back from here on out, hmf! *laughing*

      Its totally fine sweets, knock yourself out and do whatever thou seemeth right to do with my long-eared friends, they’re fighters and will not go or stay down without a fight! Brace up and Bring. It. On! LMAO!

      You’ve got game and you know it Phoenix, your rhymes and flows aint lame, nuh-uh! Plus, thank me not for that intro sweets, think ABSOLUTELY nothing of it, for you birthed those very words, best believe it! Thank you SO much, am deeply humbled and honored! MWAH!

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  2. Well, the pair of you certainly believe in airing your cupboards, and that’s a fact. Whew ! But your post here is something I can’t relate to: if I’d had a friend that close through school who then moved into different circles at the next stage, I wouldn’t pine over her. I think there might be sumpn wrong with me: I never pined over anyone who went away (with one exception, and he didn’t want, SO MUCH ! to have to leave me). I suppose I’m a good example of a solitary kid from a big family …

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    • Margaret-Rose, the way you are about changing relationships is the healthy way to be: Relationships change because people do. It makes no sense to try to cling on to smoke. As one of the greats said, in a wholly different context, “There is no there there.” Although, possibly, when it came to Ruth, not such a different context after all? Who knows.

      No, it was my need for love that caused the depth of my pain and loss, and also it was my initial sense of surprise and betrayal–I was feeling so isolated and abandoned with that spouse, in that pumpkins shell of a house in that failed gentrification slum neighborhood–none of this articulated to myself at the time–that losing Ruth was like losing a lifeline to my old independent self–a mirror to who I used to be.

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    • Your thoughts got me reeling Margaret-Rose, and I concur…… something’s DEFINITELY wrong with the pair of us, for real! LOL

      You know how folks say its therapeutic to talk ’bout stuffs, rather than to just have ’em bottled up in?! That’s exactly what this is! Talking and or writing ’bout certain issues that’d otherwise grieve the spirit, creates a kinda outlet and vent that leaves one feeling a whole lot lighter and so much less-burdened after getting ’em off of one’s chest, to let off some much-needed steam! Helps one breathe and take in some fresh air and just live a little! *laughing*

      Plus, others who’ve experienced a similar fate suddenly realize they aren’t aliens or alone, and that some others like ’em actually did go through same! In the end, everyone draws strength from one another and life’s a lot easier to live through and bear! I guess its true the saying ‘Misery loves company’ then, isn’t it?! LOL

      Thank you so much for popping in M-R, you rock in ‘absolutement’! My word! Plenty Cheers! LOL

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  3. Paul says:

    Excellently told OB. And a very personal story – thank you for sharing.It is very true that sometimes emotional attachments made early in life set the tone for a lifetime of relationships.

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  4. Paul! Thank you for making it over here (and making it to the end of my longest post yet)! If you haven’t read Yemi’s own pieces, you should check them out some night when you’re not out partying. I have read the pieces of her first two guests, and they were also worth the stop-by.
    And thank you, as always, for your compliment.

    Let's see–the last piece of yours I read was, I think, the kitten one. Have you posted any anywhere since? (I'm playing catch-up today and tomorrow.)

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    • Thank you Cynthia for looking in, and I totally share your sentiments! In the end, we’re the sole determinants of our state of being and that means choosing or deciding to be happy, miserable or dwell in gloom and self pity! Time waits for no man, so we oughta seize everyday and live our lives to the best of our abilities, the likes of Ruth notwithstanding! *laughing*

      Thanks again for stopping by and especially for sharing your golden thoughts! Cheers Ma’am, I am very grateful. LOL


    • Hi, Cynthia! It’s about time I made it back to your place, too! Need to get my brain refreshed with some smart verse.
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      As for this vocation being interesting…yes, I suppose it is. I didn’t choose it, so I have no choice but to stay outside the bell curve’s campfire. When we outliers attempt to draw closer, it burns, Mommy–oh, how it burns!! (Plus, some of those campers throw rocks at us, the meanies.)

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  5. Oh, I think they know exactly what they do. That is why the word “meanies” applies. But I like you the more for believing otherwise. We realists/misanthropes need the rest of you to balance us out. Else the world would collapse into a tarry goo.

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  6. umm…i’m reminded of the best friend I had for maybe a year…in 6th grade he turned on me, totally…that was so long ago…I think he was bait to lure boys to his older brother…I don’t recall the details but I do know he raped me or I might’ve consented at the time…I just don’t know…you say at the beginning you were best friends and there were 3 posting of the link…yet this post seemed to end on a sour note…and the writing is very similar…sorry, i’m kinda lost…

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