Of Pageants And slip-UPS….Yikes 2!

And so it was, my fate was decided….signed, sealed and delivered! It was almost as though I was staring down the barrels of a double-barrel shotgun or pump-action, so-called in some quarters; just waiting for the trigger to go off and blow up in my face, with the Marksman and Sniper, wielding the ‘arsenal of mass destruction’; being my pesky, plenty insensitive Commandant of course! In that moment, I closed my eyes shut, a gazillion thoughts running through my mind by the milliseconds; and whilst still trying to process, make a complete sense of and more or less; wrap my fingers or head around and ’bout what was ’bout ready to go down, I figured well; it was as good a time as any for a quick dash, a trip down memory lane!


My momma’s sonorous voice echoed through my subconscious and I coulda sworn I heard her scream….’Yemi, laugh like a lady’, as she’s wont to doing; in her usual characteristic manner, as I shared one of a lotta laughs with my brothers, and their friends in our frontyard! At such times, I tend to do a double take and for a little less than two minutes, all’s but silent and peaceful! You’d be correct to say or term that split moment as ‘the calm before the storm’, cause almost immediately, my buddies and I pick up from whence we left off and launch straightway into a tailspin…. a whirlwind of mad hysterics; shattering the nascent tranquility that once was; even if only for a spell!

At this point, our collective laughter’s practically slicing through the calmness of the evening and reverberating in the distance! I mean really, laugh like a lady?! What’s that?! Never quite knew there was a certain way both of the sexes were expected and or meant to laugh! Plus, that’s quite a tacky thing, seeing as laughter for the most part is a spontaneous action; it just happens! Who plans for such and then goes on to rehearsing how it oughta be done right and perfectly in line with one’s gender?! Well, definitely not me! Really, where’s the fun and fulfillment in a planned, ‘ladylike’ laughter where I can’t just let go of my inhibitions and pretty much be myself?! Am always one for a good laugh, so; Nah! I’ll simply have to pass on that ladylike bit! Soo NOT for me!

Okay! Maybe, just maybe I oughta have listened to my momma’s admonition back then! Maybe, just maybe….again, there’s a teeny, pretty tiny bit of truth and a slight chance that mummies really DO know best! Maybe! Why does it always rain on me…Eish!

Standing there like a condemned felon ’bout to be led to the gallows, I wished I’d had more practice at being a ‘lady’ and acting like one! Were mum a witness to these whole set up, she’d definitely say ‘I did tell you so Sweetness, didn’t I?! And sure enough, I’d feel guilty for a bit and then say to her ‘It isn’t over till its over mum, watch me as I take back control and drag myself outta this ‘crisis’! Needless to say, I was not gonna just give in without putting up a fight! I mean, where does this bully get off, dictating to me what I should or should not do?! I’d be sooo damned if I allowed for him carry on in the way he did, without a care; like I had absolutely nothing to say or do ’bout his excesses!

As the time slowly ticked away, and he was getting his little glam squad ready to come work their ‘wonders’ and ‘magic’ on unwilling me, it literally quite occurred to me that I had no costumes! Bingo!!! That’s just what I need! Is this my lucky day or what?! I’ll bet the bully didn’t even stop to think ’bout those! What’s a pageant without costumes and the whole full regalia that goes into making it what it oughta?! I grinned mischievously as this thought fully registered in my mind and then I found my voice again!

‘Sir, I’d really love and consider it a great honor to represent this platoon’,I said, whilst effortlessly lying through my squeaky white teeth; but I didn’t exactly come prepared for anything, least of all a beauty pageant’! ‘You see Sir, I continued on; trying desperately hard not to give away and hide that absolute delight I was feeling at the time; at having stumbled on a winning excuse to hit the road and return back to my life as I knew it; before this whole pageant nightmare thingy reared its ugly head! ‘I don’t quite possess the full regalia I’d be needing for an event of this nature’! ‘I’m very sorry Sir’, I finished, perfectly convinced this was the big break I needed to get outta my predicament! I’d like to see him recover and come back from this shocker I sneered inwardly, I’ll bet he didn’t see that coming! Bullseye!!!

In thy face, suckerrr!!! YES!

Having acted out my script so well, I’d expected to hear something along the lines of, ‘Oh, that’s true; without a costume, you can’t enter for the contest’, no hassles; you can go now’! Like duh! Wishful thinking! If there was ever a time I desperately wished to have that infamous phrase ‘Be careful what you wish for, for you just might get it’, happen to me, this was as good  a time as any! But then, FAT chance! Psst!

Dude was unmoved and I wondered if he’d even heard a word of what I’d said! By the time he spoke up, I was in for a shocker of my own! He dropped the bomb on me that he’d sourced for all of the costumes I’d be needing and I needn’t bother my pretty lil sweet head ’bout a thing! All the bases were pretty much covered to the minutest detail! All I needed do was shut up, show up, go with the flow, smile and be real pretty, after going through a beauty regimen and fitting session to see which of ’em costumes was all ‘me’, as in; the ones that fitted perfectly! Huh?! Rats, what gumption!!! Oh, how very splendidly classy! Oomph!

‘There goes my gazillion pounds plan to elude and wriggle outta this bad episode, but if this Soldier man thinks he’s gotten me boxed into a corner and figured out, then he’s got something else coming’, I muttered to myself! I’ll die first before being paraded and put on exhibition like some piece of artwork or ‘artefact’ for hungry eyes to take in, ravage and make a spectacle of! It should be my call, not his or anyone else’s!  Why in the name of all things that he holds sacred, can he not just get it and ‘for-GIT’ it?! Why?!

It was on to plan ‘B’ for me! ‘Sir, I’m sorry but its taboo that I wear other people’s items of clothing, its completely against my beliefs and principles, that I share those with strangers’! I was getting very flustered and frustrated at this point and I’d pretty much hoped he’d just respect my stance and let me off the hook already! ‘Its really nice that you don’t wear other people’s clothes but am also sure that it wouldn’t be taboo to have you sent to a faraway local government area lacking of basic amenities and infrastructure; for your primary assignment’, he said! And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse off than they already were, he chipped in this…’IN A CANOE RIDE!!!’ Finishing with an air of arrogance and super-authoritative finality! The Sonofagun!

Can he REALLY do that and am I also in the form and mood to find out?! I asked myself as I pondered over my next course of action! Does he wield that much of an influence and power to make good on his threat of having me bundled off to the middle of nowhere or shall I just call his bluff, walk and damn the consequences?! This guy’s dreadful, he sure knows how to play dirty and had pretty much planned everything down to the last detail! Plus, he’d quite anticipated I’d put up some kinda fight and resistance in doing his bidding! What an Eel! Slippery and oh so sly! So, am left in the dumps and at a crossroad…..to be or not to be?!

yes | by claudia hering (sundance)

I thought, a few hours in Hell or a coupla months in HELL?…. suddenly realizing all of my plans had finally hit a dead-end! It really was a no-brainer as I resignedly but begrudgingly accepted to represent my platoon on the big night, which in retrospect was just a very few number of hours, ticking real slowly but steadily away, having settled for the lesser of two evils! ‘Its all for the best’, I comforted myself; better the pageant than some remote far off place off of the world map, where I’d be left hanging out on the rails to dry! The horror!

`174 | Hanging by a moment. | by v1nz`

That was how my little diatribe and debacle with ‘Major Pain’ played out! The next coupla hours was gonna be a real trying one for me, as my whole world was sent plunging on a downward spiral, spinning right outta control! Plus, my perception ’bout pageants and those who are brave enough to muscle up the courage and guts to participate in ’em, was changed forever!  Oh yeah!

Images courtesy of flickr.com


42 thoughts on “Of Pageants And slip-UPS….Yikes 2!

    • Hahahaha! That woulda sounded like a plan Amity; except that the D-day was actually on that very same day and only a few hours away from the next biggest event of the entire NYSC experience, the gala night; the first being the collection of certificates of course, after the programme ends! 😂😂😂

      Plus, I just couldn’t get past the canoe ride thingy! Am pretty hydrophobic and that kinda ride on a body of water was simply suicidal for me! All the while, I just thought….canoe and knew exactly what I had to do….play ball! 😆😂

      Thank you sooo much for swinging by dear, I plenty ‘ppreciate….LOADZ! ❤😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh but he really DID get me where he wanted me…..in dip shit!!! 😟😞😒😆

        That Dude was a meanie, for shizzie! 😆😂

        The phobia I nurse for water’s lifelong! Everyone else in my house is a fish…confirmed swimmers, save for my popsman and I! So, whenever he gets into his elements of labeling me a lazy bum, I quietly point out to him how the fruit doesn’t fall too far off from the tree…QUIETLY, as in hush, hush; otherwise there’d be hell to pay if he’s let in on my rationale! You do get my drill though?! 👿😆

        Thanks dear! Rock ye on you must! 😀❤

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hahaha. No way Amity. Would be too obvious what her gimmick is. Go ahead to the show alright. Then ‘faint’ in the dressing room. That should teach him to allow people exercise their rights of choice😁

    Liked by 3 people

    • Passing out woulda been the next best thing to do in the circumstances, if only I could get past that canoe ride threat! All through the night, it weighed heavily on my mind! I just knew I had to co-operate with that bully, before he made good his threat! It was bad enough I was ‘light years’ away from home, but to now have me travel in a canoe, on an expanse of water body for what….an hour or more?! Nah! I’ll just die before I even set my foot into that thing! 😂😂😂

      Thanks a great deal for looking in Zee, grateful does not even begin to describe how thankful I am, whenever you come by! Muchos gracias dear! ❤😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha! Pardon my ‘indiscretion’ Honeycomb, I can be such a sucker for courtesy! Old habits DO die hard and a Leopard never really does change its spots! 😈😆

        I know we’re in this together….the whole lots of us but still, I gatz say ‘Thank You’! See?! I did it again…Oops! Wasn’t intended, it just kinda….happened?! 😈😆😉

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  2. Hmmm, see enjoyment! Abegi, it was too much yanga that was worrying you! I like the soldier jare. We need more of those kind of people. We want them to have more in numbers. Ehen, so, what happened? We are waiting for the Part 2 already!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm…I see you made it down here at last Sagely One! Thank you soo much for checking in on your gurl Sire, you honor me! 😊😄

      Enough with the pleasantries and sweetness! Can we dive right into the business of the day then, seeing as I clearly have an axe to grind with you! 👿😞

      Enjoyment Su’eddie like for reals?! How’s that even possible?! School me, puh-leasee! 😠😩😬

      Its very like you to support ‘Major Pain’! I coulda sworn you were a soldier in your past life ‘Viashima’! See what I did right there?! 😆😈😂

      Lest I forget Sagely One, this is actually part 2! You probably meant to ask for 3, didn’t you?! Youch! 😂😂😂

      Not to worry, 3’s on the front burner, just simmering! Will hit you up once its ready to be served up! 😉😄

      Thanks for keeping it locked on to the ‘SFTH’ dial, you amongst so many other delightful folks make my blogging experience what it is…..’F-U-N-T-A-S-T-I-C’! You rock too much Su’eddie, best believe it! Lotsa ❤😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmmm, I hear you… Bring the Part 3 quick quick jare… These kind of things are not the kind you will just hide somewhere and be claiming ‘simmering’ or ‘slimming’ – whichever! Knack us tori jor! Your posts come once in a millennium… If they have done mistake to appear here, shouldn’t we have it all in one dose?

        Of course, Major na my man! If we could rewind them, I will go and pump fists with him sef 🙂 But haba, you for put some of the pictures na… That will spice it up for us. Gap tooth NYSC yanga pics!

        Thinking of them and smiling already! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Once in a millenium posts?! No kidding?! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! 😆😆😆

        Gosh Su’eddie, you’re real mean and if that be the case, you must for a fact and by far be the oldest living mortal….NEVER MADE, having actually lived through several millenial worth of posts isn’t it?! Eish! 😞😩

        You never know Su’eddie, my ‘slimming’ and ‘simmering’ sequel may be part of a grand scheme to stall for what……another millenium?! *tsking* 😈

        Keep your shirt on will ya? Will get to it as soon as I can manage and NO, absolutely NAY; is the idea of splaying my pictures for thy ‘gloating pleasure’! That will be…’Murda’ and a violation of the ‘Fifth Amendment’ in mine specially documented constitution of preserving mine anonymity! The bunny ‘wabbit’ stays and she’s repping me just fine; so then; perish those thoughts! Aint happening! 😛😂

        Thanks a great deal Sagely One, totally bowled over am I by your kindness! Aondo bless ya….TONS! 😇❤😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hee hee hee! Who will gloat? See this our Yemie o! No gloating and no playing games like you did with Major or do you want us to send you to some watery banks? Careful! Which one is ‘Fifth Amendment’ sef… Give us the full constitution. Is that going to be the next post? Yaaaay! Cool.

        I forgive you for the bunny magana…and we are talking ‘pic’ in a post, not profile jare! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha! Watery banks did you say?! Am soooo beyond scared straight right now that am practically quaking in ma bootz! Uhhhhhh!!!😅😅😅😅

        Not thinking of putting out mine constitution, lest I be slammed with a lawsuit by you or left marooned on an island all by myself and that’s besides the surrounding bodies of water of course! The horror! 😲

        Be it profile pix or pictures accompanying the posts, when you think ‘Yemie’, just think……bunny ‘wabbit’! Ya dig?! 😆😈

        Still NOT coming outta the closet! I actually DO love it here….LOADZ! So, you’re just gonna have ta get used to it, won’t ya?! 😜😛😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This post is quite timely for me, Yemz considering that I just got outta camp.
    Yeah yeah, that’s why I was AWOL. 😀

    You must be quite a belle then, to have been picked on by the platoon commander to do the whole beauty pageant thingy. I found it ridiculous too, I must say.

    Would love to see a photo of you in ‘other people’s’ clothing though. Hehehehe. What a loouusssyyy excuse! I’m not surprised he had a suitable comeback of his own.

    I found this post hilarious!

    Keep writing ma’am.
    *hugs and kisses *

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw! You don gone broken my frail heart into a gazillion shreds Mimz! You know like that ‘kill me moment’, when you think that even when the whole wide world seem to be against you, one sweet soul; who goes by the name Mimi. A, will have you covered! But how very mistaken I was! So, this is where it all sinks in and i break down and cry you an ocean with troughs and crests for maximum effects….😭😭😭

      Owkay! Time out! 😈😆

      C’mon Mimz, cut me some slacks will ya?! I was sooo darned desperate to get outta that loop! That was the bestest idea for an excuse that seemed to pop up in my mind at the time! The soldier was just a terrorist jare, with that cheap emotional blackmail of his; except that well, he won and beat me to it! Yuck! *puking* 😕😞😔

      A belle?! Aw! 😂😂😂 Welllll…..maybe or maybe not Mimz, you know what they say….’Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder’! That silly soldier must have been seeing wrong! Am just your regular average plain Jane and it beat the crap outta me why he woulda picked me of all people! The goofball! 😂😂😂

      So, congrats are in place then Ajuwaya! Here I am, popping something for ya Sweetkinz! 🎉🎆🎇🎈
      🍸🍻🍷🍹! I hope you had a most rollicking experience too and I take it you’d give us Hourglass die-harders the whole juicy scoop of the things you got up to! Pretty please? Don’t say no dearie! *bunny boo boo eyes*🐰😻

      Will set my eyes on your space and watch as the stories come through! Thanks for the compliments Sweets, and for coming by too! Love ya loads! Mwah! ❤😄


    • Oh la! If its not the plenty adorable, most delightsome Chisom Martin, the son of Ojukwu himself, breezing right in and gracing ma lil corner with his most glorious and plenty playful presence?! Damn! Am totally done in! 😦😨🙊

      I really should quit trippin’ and just pass out already! 😈😆

      You’re most welcome to these plains Cheesy, its coolness seeing you here! Can’t help but do a flip and cartwheel, am positively overwhelmed! And the rest of the story…about that, will get to it ASAP; now that you mentioned it! *chuckling* 😂

      Bia, what’s this ’bout wanting to see yours truly, get aboard a canoe enroute to the land of no man?! Warn thyself o, and I thought I had an ally in you! Hmf! 🙉😌😞

      Thanks a bunch for looking in like this Chisom, you too rock jo, for sure! Come by some more will ya?! Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! Mwah! 😊❤


  4. Lol. So, for the fear of a cool canoe ride, someone embraced taboo like her boo.

    See Sis, whenever a Major is bent on making you do his will, your beliefs and principles are nothing worth more than guguru (popcorn) to his epa (groundnut); you pop to his tune and everything flows. He will so exploit your fear/weakness that you will twerk to the sound of the “beagle”.

    Pretty humorous read. iLove. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Holla Joe! Fancy seeing you here! However have you been?! Thanks a gazillion for swinging right by! Am totally done in! 😄😊

    Love the word play…..’embrace taboo like her boo’, that’s sooo friggin’ fly! 😎ness! 😉

    Dunno how Major Pain got wind of my deepest darkest secret of being totally terrified of water, but that absolutely did the trick like abracadabra! It was all I needed to not only dance to his tune, but twerk as you’ve rightly stated and boy did I twerk! I totally rocked that dance movement you’d think me a pro! 😈😆

    Thanks again Jojo, glad you did feel this! I guess my job’s pretty much done and I can confidently call it a day pelu guguru, epa and a hot steamy chocolatey cuppa hot cocoa for nightcap! ☕😛😆

    Rock ye on! Lotsa ❤! 😊


  6. Hmmm…interesting.
    I would have thought the first excuse will be that friendly monthly visitor with its associated pain…dt always does the trick…
    Plus a little bluffing will do too…”sir, wherever you take me God is with me…”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heyyyy Presto!!!! 😲If it isn’t an ‘august visitor’ in the beautiful month of August?! 🙊What do you know?! 😈😆

      This is without an ounce of doubt a most pleasant surprise….straight-up, flat-out, most definitely dead-on ‘AH-mazing’! To-o-tally! D-Dang! 😂😂😂

      Thanks for swinging by Doc and the ‘curse’ woulda been just the perfect excuse but for a lil snafu….’Major Pain’s goons creeped up on me in my elements…. while kickin’ it and hanging out with my buddy and I didn’t quite appear like one in any sorta pain! On the contrary, I was balling and having fun! 😉 See why that excuse wouldn’t hold up now?! I’d easily shoot myself a-foot by lying myself into a corner…Bad, BAD idea that’d have my adversary screaming out a-loud…Strike One! So I say….’T-friggin-AH’! 😈😆

      As regards calling his bluff, that does actually sound like a capital idea and appeals to me on many levels! A pretty ‘bright’ move I’d employ in say…..my next life?! 😈😆You see Doc, I couldn’t possibly put it to the test now or EVER, cause as you know and are well aware…….We only get to serve once, don’t we now?! 😞😟
      Quit playing truancy will you? Its not even funny! Jokester! Hmf! 😒

      Thanks again for l👀king thou in Doc you honor me and rock to no end! Lotsa ❤, Mwah! 😄😉


    • Hehehe! Someone’s real chirpy this even I see! 😂😂Ahem…are you for real though Sagely One, are you?! 😈😞

      If its any consolation, then my ‘speedy’ response to your ‘all-consuming crusade’ to bring me back from God knows where, should be a real comfort and reassure you that am pretty much still on these plains init?! 😞😒

      Even a whole you oughta know that the fact that you can’t see a thing visibly’s no indication that its absent abi?! 😈😆

      In other words, I full ground remain like impounded goods, I even dey trowey sef! That enough an assurance for you then?! It ‘be-ha’! 😈😯😆😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Na wa o! Here we go again with the words! Yes, faith and belief… we can’t say but we put our minds to that which we hope exists. No be only to full ground jare… We want to be seeing sef! Ah-ahn! But well, we hold on for the assurance and will be compensated by the prompt retorts… May we continue to see your lights in our heart as much as the dark spaces of your post deceive us… 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • And that was how I got hoodwinked by the Sagely One! 😩😞

        Haba! Slow ye down now! Faith, hope, belief; my head’s spinning around and around! 😂😂😂

        Aw! Am so thankful for you Sagely One, for looking in and I’ll make straight my ‘crooked’ ways, in time and put up the concluding part of this post! Lazyness kinda mighty appeals to me now and am milking it! Be back with y’all sometime….soon???! 😈😆Hehehe


      • Choi! Hee hee hee! Okay, run thee far dear Yemz… You weren’t hoodwinked… I can’t fit do you that kain thing na!
        #hugs sis… Our love to you and yours especially the littluns! Hug your laziness but tell it, we need you soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LMFAO@hugsfiercely! Choi! 😂😂😂

        When one launches into the art of hugging another fiercely, then one oughta be real cautious! For that can’t be termed a hug no more but ‘constriction’! You know, like when a Boa hugs its meal??? 😈😆

        I really oughta be very, very afraid, shouldn’t I?! *quakingfiercely* 😭😭😭


      • Hahahaha! Thanks for breaking the ice! I thought it was high time I started saying my last prayer! 😂😂😂

        Even at that, this Bear hug thingy’s a fallacy! If a real life Bear, and I don’t mean Yogi, Winnie the Pooh or Teddy Bear, hugs a mortal; na die be dat o! It’d simply just crush every bone in that individual’s body, I tell ya! So maybe, just maybe; I oughta be afraid still! 😈😆😆😆

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hee hee hee! All those bears were cuddly and friendly particularly Teddy 🙂 We don’t crush so smile… Don’t worry, you are heading to dreamy land na… We will wear the clothings from the NYSC pageant and it will be all beautiful! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • You did well in dousing the rising tension until the mention of the clothings for the NYSC pageant! The horror! 😆😆😆

        With those, aint nuttin’ beautiful or ‘dreamy’, ugly and nightmarish definitely but I go anyhow!😆 Will spare myself the ‘agony’ of adorning those dreadful clothes and reliving the memories! *puking* 😷😑

        You. Are. A. Mean. One. But, I forgive you. Sleep ye tight and have a splendid week ahead! Aondo bless you bereketely! 😇😄


      • And may His rains leave you sweetly drenched without worries…
        Forget the clothes. Your dreams will be lovely. You will fly dovely…

        May the week smile, sis dear. Have a night beautiful and a week far more wonderful.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Free flow writing. Really interesting. It rocked my mental frame then when fellow ‘ajuwayas’ say “There goes Miss NYSC batch whatever”…and I’d be like “ain’t there any pitiful altar these beauties be slained?”…weird imaginations. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Slain on an altar like literally and seriously DRASTEVO?! 😦🙊

      Ought I be scared then Doc?! The horror!🙈😆

      What’s it with you ‘Medicos’ and morbidity though?! 🙉
      I mean, a full-blooded alpha male beholds a beauty queen and I’d think he’d have other ‘interesting’, more fun ideas lined up other than this dark fetish of perhaps a ‘human sacrifice’?! 😞

      What or shall I say who REALLY are you……Hannibal Lecter?! 😈😆

      Pay me no heed, am just fooling around plus beauty queens in that little community are like local celebrities….lotsa perks and privileges actually does come with that title that its soo coveted amongst female Corps Members besides moi of course! Now that, is what I’d term weird! Who knew! 😆

      Have I thanked you again for being here DRASTEVO?! Oopsie, 🙊looks like I just did and oh….you do rock more than I…….Senseless! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah ah…trying to wipe the smirky grin off my face. How best can you explain the obsession of the forces who have been like forever fun starved. ..having the so called beauties to entertain them on their ‘altar’sorry ‘runway’ before they retire to their camps? If i was one, i would make sure my memory barn is overfilled with the once a while feast. Still coiling with laughter…. Yemie, chai…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Okay so I totally get you and I understand….really I do and I do not hold you to it….or maybe I do…..we’ll never know! Yet, you’re supposedly the weird one with the uncanny imagination…..?! 😩 Bwahahahaha!😆😆😆

        Your thoughts kinda reminds of a Reality Show on Cable I used to be pretty nuts ’bout…’Beauty and the Geek’! Its a kind of social experiment where social misfits otherwise known as Geeks, Nerds or Bookworms are paired up with Beauties, who aren’t exactly inclined intellectually; but are street smart and worldly! They’re expected to kinda trade places, with the intent of turning the Beauties to Brains and the Geeks into Jocks, worldly and socially compliant! You oughta see those guys looking all jungle, they care less bout their physical appearances but in their faculties…..sheer brill….Genuises! And they got all jittery when the Beauties walked into the room, blushing rainbows and it just totally gets really awkward!😂😂😂

        In the end, they’re given physical make-overs and these guys practically shed their inner ‘ugly’ and are turned Swans so much so that some of the Beauties become smittened with a few of ’em in some episodes, by the time the show wraps! So I get you, Geek and I see where you’re coming from! It happens! 😈😆

        Thanks again for coming through and don’t ever stop laughing…..its the best medicine! 😃😇

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Shucks! That infamous concluding part ei?! 😩
      I know, and its been a long time coming too, am just feeling so uninspired but not for long….I’ll get cracking soon! 😄

      And no, I didn’t win; its no competiton, just making convos and thanks a lot for humoring me and playing my game; am much too honored….humbled and you Sir, are a great sport…Respect and many thanks! 😇👉

      Liked by 1 person

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