The Reunion With A Tinge Of Nostalgia!

A couple weeks back, my Bestie, Jay; from during my college days, sprang up on me like a lightning bolt from outta the blues, and immediately; mails flew fast and furious between us two in our bid and excitement to playing catch up, reliving times and moments gone by! We also ensured to bring each other up to speed ’bout happenstances in our lives in the now!


There was a growing need to reconnect with me as a result of a book he’d authored, chronicling his career life! I wondered how I fitted into that bit, especially seeing as it was an autobiography of sorts coupled with the fact that we’d been out of touch for such a long time! Interest piqued, and curiosity getting the best of me, I got cracking; wanting to know why my name came up for mention at all! At first, he wouldn’t let on; and then he gave me the run around, pussy-footing all over me and saying I’d have to wait it out to discover this ‘mystery’, when the book does finally make it to the stores and hits the shelves! ‘I’d sooo make you crave for my book, Yemi; he says, the suspense will do you some amount of good’! He gloated on!

Not one to back down easy, I cranked up the heat and wheedled him endlessly to fess up ’bout this seemingly big secret of his! I mean, we’d grown apart and gone our separate ways right after graduation and the tides had swept us off to different plains and shores! Plus, thoughts of him had pretty much become fewer and farther between! ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ does come to mind at this point… totally spot on is that adage! It was therefore a thing of great surprise and delight, that he’d even think to remember me, and much less; think me worthy of  mention in his ‘baby’ and pet project that’s his first book!

I am quite the persistent one, if I do say so myself; needless to say I bugged out on him and in no time, he was belting out lines in sweet melodious and symphonic tunes of a-tra-la-la-la like a Songbird… a Canary, and what I found out sent me reeling! Uh Snap!

Ever had one of those experiences happen to you that’s so out there that you just play pretend and convince yourself otherwise…. that nothing of such never, ever did take place?! You know, you don’t recall or have any memory of that particular event going down, like the slate’s been wiped clean….blotted out?! I guess this is the part where I gotta launch straightways into a panic attack mode of sorts, cause its just so totally bizarre!

You see, I’ve always prided myself as one with a more than stellar memory bank and a superlative ability to recount past events with perfect clarity but in light of my new findings, its painfully obvious I’ve been under some kinda false impression and mistaken belief! That folks, is real scary; uncanny! How many more events and moments have I subconsciously and unconsciously blocked off, never to be recollected and pondered on no more?! This is rather unnerving, makes me kinda….. uneasy!

The big secret was an event that led up to our striking friendship! That defining moment he thought he’d spied and spotted the perfect companion, to complement his otherwise cool, calm and quiet disposition! He was very mild-mannered and I, well; not so much…. his thoughts!

School was in and it was early days! The first semester had just kicked off! A certain Mr A, a pretty unsavory character; was at the helms of affairs taking full reins; as he was billed to take my class Chemistry! Right from the first time he stepped his foot into my class, he’d just go off; bearing down on the lots of us! With this guy, crossing the line was second nature, effortless and he never quite came back from it once he makes it past the threshold! On the contrary, he simply just plunged further down, Dude didn’t understand boundaries!

He talked and beat down on us, calling us the most derogatory and demoralizing of names….’Morons’, ‘Numskulls’, ‘Pea-brains’, Blockheads’, ‘Airheads’ and the likes! And he doesn’t stop there, nuh-uh; he’d ensure to take his war to the home-front, saying crappy stuff like ‘The witches in your villages have sapped clean your brain cells that y’all can’t grasp simple concepts and principles’! As for us, we’d learned to look on, like frightened little animals caught in a trap; not muttering a single word! Dude was pretty fouled-up…toxic, he practically just talked our ears off! Eish!

Sitting through that class had become somewhat unbearable….hellish, that I barely managed to keep it kinda together whenever it came the time for Chemistry! Week in, week out; and you can set your clock by the fact that he’d sink lower to the abyss each time…..totally condescending! He just seemed to hit a spanking new low, spending the better part of the time allotted that course, to rain down cuss words on us! I coulda sworn he derived some  sorta sick pleasure from it! Plus, he carried on still, not giving a thought to the fact that he may be causing us harm emotionally!  We just weren’t good enough and he’d quite figured, nay; concluded, that we could never measure up to his exacting demands! Offering us absolutely no chances or benefits to just prove him wrong!


For one who’s got this pretty unbecoming knack for keeping to herself and pulling the ‘Shrinking Violet Card’, thus being a certified ‘Wallflower’ more than half the time while in college, I musta had it up to my limits with him and gotten positively pissed!  I’d most definitely had ’bout enough of him, cause as he resumed classes one fateful day and was getting into his old, lame and boring routine of a pastime, flapping off of his gums, I thought…


And then, unthinking; I spoke up….did the unimaginable,

‘Do you mind Sir’?!

At this time, he scanned the lecture-room for the one who dared to speak up, interrupting him in the process! You’d think with him staring a hole through me, I’d retreat and put an end to my seemingly folly, which was a kinda spur of the moment reaction anyways! But no, I became more emboldened, I’d gone way too far to back down! So what if I’ve strayed way off of the rails and dancing vigorously on thin ice?! This is soo going down! No guts, no glory right?! Hehehe.


By now, I’d gotten his full undivided attention and I continued on, pretty stoic in my approach, as he listened intently,

‘Sir,  you seem quite versed ’bout witches that if I didn’t know, I’d think you’ve had lotsa firsthand, you know; personal experiences from your village!  Would be nice learning ’bout those! So, will you be kind enough to give us the full low down or even better, we may as well just get to studying Chemistry which is why you’re here in the first place, unless am gravely mistaken, no?’


An eerie and pretty awkward silence descended and settled over the class as Mr  A’s confidence faltered and his composure was starting to crack! He became very disorientated and it was more than dandy, seeing him in that state! In my mind I be like ‘The jig’s up and it looks like someone’s train’s not only ran outta tracks, its also derailed and there’s simply no way out besides crashing, burning and bursting into flames of course’! ‘That’d teach you to be mean and needlessly petty next time’! As far I knew, he’d gotten his comeuppance and justice had been rightly served!

He said not a word! Rather, he fiddled around for a bit with his lecture note! When he did manage to say something, he just rambled on; teaching us as best he could! Plus, he simply couldn’t wait to get out the class! I figured it was a bad sign, his keeping mute and not addressing me straightaway, totally made me feel pretty suspicious and shaken! Lets face it good people, how much higher can one fly in the face of looming danger; before one crashes and burns huh?! I’d drawn first blood, and had absolutely no indication of what was coming!


After he took his leave, things were all peachy and honky-dory as everyone bounced off of the walls in a frenzy…ecstatic! In the weeks to come, he just faced his business head-on and all was forgotten! The castigations stopped and he no longer casted aspersions our way! Perhaps he developed a heart and or had an attack of conscience, I’d never know! Whatever it was, my message seemed to have sunk in!

Flash forward to examination day and Mr. A who’d  hitherto been on his best behavior, suddenly turned on me! Seated prettily with Jay in one part of the hall that was supposed to be the venue for our papers, Dude ordered that I changed seats to the far end of the hall! As it turned out, I was the only one without a seatmate but I really could care less if he placed me atop Mount Everest; Chemistry was easily my strong point and I excelled effortlessly, totally aced it! He on the other hand, lost across board….on all counts!

It still beats me silly how an event of this magnitude coulda completely skipped my mind! As much as I try to figure this out, I just can’t fathom it! Plus, if Jay hadn’t thought to mention it to me, there’s a pretty good chance I may not have remembered it for the rest of my days! Is this pretty scary or what?! Twisted!

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24 thoughts on “The Reunion With A Tinge Of Nostalgia!

    • LMAO@having your humble pie dished out stone cold! Really??? 😂😂😂

      Its an ‘All Nigerian’ School Tony and Dude was a confirmed Yoruba man to the core! You know how my people get when it comes to the issue of ‘respect’?! I just couldn’t deal anymore, his pettiness was too much to hold in! Hehehe

      I figured he knew he was wayyy in over his head, bitten off more than he could chew; and he totally just ‘forever held his peace’! 😆😆😆

      Thank you so much for coming on over TM, Happy New Month to ya! Shalom, and rock ye on! 😎😁


    • Hey ‘Keem! 😈😆 And that’s me presupposing you’re Sakes with the one so-called ‘The Dream’…..The Amazing Basketballing Legend Akeem Olajuwon! So am I right or did I just goof?! 😁😄

      It means a lot that you not only love and are approving of this, but you actually did follow too! Am sooo balling and bursting several moves up in here! 😤😎😂

      Thank you so much for popping in D’Dream, I do hope you enjoy your stay here! Have you a most enchanting month of December Sir, Shalom! 😇😄


      • D'Dream says:

        The second word not far away from the truth though. Do you have a bit of “winchy” groove? 😀. Actually I desert the Akeem among my names and replace it with Immanuel long ago after baptism. Didn’t figure out I had to change my Muslim name until eons later.

        Who no like better things?! 😁, I have a good eye to appreciate exceptional things when I spot one. By the way iyaff alredi infected me with ya use of emoji and spirit😁
        Wishing you same ma, just that no sleigh to drive here

        Liked by 1 person

      • Damn! I just knew I was on to something! I had a hunch, a snout and I could just sniff a whiff of that beautiful name Akeem from afar off…..coolness!😈😆

        Guy! I daresay but you’re very clairvoyant! I mean, ‘winchy groove’?! Na me dat o, I totally get that a lot; no surprises there at all 😂😂😂

        And the emojis….Dope stuff! You really should use ’em some more! They’re lots of fun! 😄😉

        Thank you sooo much for the ‘exceptional’ D’Dream, am sooo completely bowled over and you crack me up good too! You too rock jo….PIECES! 😂😇😀


  1. What an interesting read.
    You are one tough-no-nonsense mama😉😜.
    You brought about change while other sat and mumbled.

    I had similar experience you know. Both ; someone jumping out of the blue to remind me of something i had totally forgotten and standing up to a rude teacher .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Wow! That’s pretty uncanny stuff, that you had a similar experience and brought an erring teacher back to Earth from Limbo?! 🙊Coolness!😎😂
      Perhaps you oughta write ’bout it…bring us followers up to speed, yes?! I’ll bet it’d make a pretty delightsome post! 😊😄

      Tough sha?! You flatter me and give me wayyyy too much credit Sweets! 😆 For the most part, I’ve got this unbecoming behavior of just looking away and ignoring things! And like a sponge, I take all in till I can take no more and then I snap…launching into the ‘over-do’ mode; that I now wind up the guilty one! Big Oops! 😂😂😂

      As for this action on Mr. Lecturer, it was totally unplanned! Usually I’d just shut him out, distract myself in someways; perhaps by writing stuff on a loose sheet, but on that day; I just couldn’t! I figured I’d given him a long enough rope to hang himself and it was day of reckoning to lash out and that, I absolutely did! 😈😆

      Thank you sooo much for swinging by Sweetkins and also for lending your voice to this, you do me a huge honor and am grateful, like you have none idea! 😄
      Lotsa holiday cheers, love ❤ and blessings! 😇😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aw! 😣😭 What a shame! 😩BUT, no pressure! Ab-SO-lutely none Sweetkinz…trust me! 😉❤

        Plus, fantasies look good on ya dear, so blaze thee on; fire dey go….who’s hating???? Fiction rocks too….a little too darn much! 😂😂😂


    • That book abi?! Hehehe! Jay says he’d keep me posted once its ready to be served up! For now, am expected to simply just ‘hunger, thirst, yearn and crave’ for it….his words, the Silly Nilly! 😂😂😂

      Will keep you in the loop dear when it does hit the Bookshops! Thanks again and again and again! ❤😄


      • Oh?! 😨Another coincidence?! 🙊 I’d be sooo damned! 😆😆😆

        I’ll be sure to pass on your tidings dear and am sending same and then some to Jay of the Neverland Magical Blogspace! 😂😂😂

        Now, ‘that’ has a fun and pretty nice ring to it! Coolness! 😎😂


  2. I have read this before…somehow, I failed to comment. I wonder why. Perhaps because I was stunned speechless or maybe, I just zoned out everything and travelled back in time (maybe as a housefly) to witness the whole event playing out all over (and maybe got trapped, and I am just making it back now — to comment)

    from what I know of Yemie, I am not surprised at all. This gal gots balls of steel! way to go girl…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Bollocks Doc! ‘Balls Of Steel’ huh?! 🙉 No kidding?! 😩

      I shake my head for you and your efforts at mockery and pulling the mischief card didn’t go un-noticed! You traveled back in time didn’t ya?! 😞😦

      Way to go boy, its always nice to see you on these plains! 😆😆😆


  3. So you claim you were formerly a shrinking violet, eh? It is indeed true that He can work miracles.

    What a horrible teacher. I should not say that. I should say “What horrible things that teacher did and said”, for is anyone, other than a sociopath or psychopath, truly horrible? Too bad. What a horrible man!! I’m so glad you found your true bold self hiding within your shrinking shell, and used your own Yemi witchcraft to magic HIM into the Shrivelled One. Bwah-ah-ah!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Witchcraft magic by ‘really’ Babe?! I’d be sooo damned! 😂😂😂

      Horrible’s putting it mildly Phoenix….he was a Monster! A confirmed sociopath, pretty reckless and getting the kicks from seeing us hurting and being so darned helpless! 😈😆

      Best believe it Sweets, am still that girl with the quirky mix and tendencies to be shy and expressive at the very same time..Twisted! 😛😂

      Thank you soooo much for coming through for me Babe, ❤and this right here’s pretty reminiscent of your delightsome post ‘Mean Teacher’! Y’know?! 😉 😄Whyever do some of ’em get to be so mean?! That just beats me silly! Hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hehehe! I wouldn’t say that O.B, at least as far as it concerns me! It depends solely in whose company I find myself and the extent to which I can say am maybe….comfortable?! 😆

        I’d totally let loose if am good for it, otherwise; I’d play observer and act like I don’t know! Pretty interesting stuff! 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. me says:

    Such guts! No, thats just effing smart. I am not sure i would grow such balls in even a hundred years to come… i had my fair share of such lecturers back at school too, and Goodness knows how much i craved to have the confidence to say half the things my head and stern eyes brewed. Haha!

    He got what he deservved, and you being such a brainy as to not be bugged about sitting alone during his exam must have served to haunt him more. Lecturers like that are a pain! Arrgh.

    Welldone Ma’am. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahahaha! Guts that totally astounds, even till this day cause I blotted out that experience from my memory till Jay came calling to jolt it outta me, bringing it to the fore! Spooky ei?! 😆😆😆

      I think we’re more than capable of doing most, if not all of the things we think we can’t! We just need the right circumstances….being at the right place, at the right time! My vice….I have zero tolerance for meanness and high-handedness and I guess that kinda helped! My ‘survival’ instincts kicked in and at that point it came down to ‘Fight or Flight’! Hehehe. Am just glad my gamble paid off and he did put a stop to being a foul-mouth; the price I had to pay notwithstanding! 😆😆😆

      Thank you so much for checking out this write Sweets, and for making my day too! Mwah! ❤😄

      Liked by 1 person

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