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Christmas…..The Day After!



Its the holidays and someone seemed to me to be in a real cheerful and ‘giving’ mood, having adorned most gaily; the Christmas Spirit of giving and sharing! And am talking ’bout ‘the’  Su’eddie Agema; awesome Writer and award-winning Poet! He reeled out these fine poetic lines in accordance with the theme I gave him…’Christmas….The Day After’! I do hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did, even as you go about your celebrations this magical Yuletide Season! Thank you so much buddy, and Happy Holidays to you and all of your adorables! You more than rock….JINGLES!



Draw the drapes

Cake your smiles

Spirit your carols with delight

Hark, hear the angels tune

In our actions



Tomorrow comes when an anniversary ends

Time to forget trends

And listen to the Eternal Child born

Would our love be out worn

When only a whisper away

Mouths call for a bite?



There’s a cold in the air still

Boxes to be unwrapped

Christmas’ dust sprinkled

Would hearts warm charity

To thaw away the lasting pain

That stays beyond today?



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20 thoughts on “Christmas…..The Day After!

    • Thank you so much Doc, my thoughts you did infact echo when I happened upon those lines but as one who lives inside of the moment, I think to myself…..’ When I berth at ‘beyond today’, I’ll deal with whatever needs to be dealt with! Needless to say when I do make it to that bridge, I’d cross it and know for a fact how I’d fare! LOL

      Thank you sooo much for looking this way and for dropping us a line Doc, we shan’t forget! LOL


    • Topazo! I owe you, and I know o! I am meant to do that tale. Do I still qualify to repent and try to make things right? 🙂

      Thanks for the thoughts here. You know how Yemie can force us to make sense sometimes, abi? 😉

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    • Hola Sagely One, its great to have you look in! Thank you sooo much for sending this my way and also for the reblog! You rock…jingles! 😊😄

      I was kinda hoping you’d pitch in though and drop some lines in response to my buddy Topazo and mine ‘Go to Gurl Babe! 😉😃 That’d be really sweet! So you may wanna get to it then, yes?! 😈😆

      Thanks again Sagely One, and have you and all of yours a pretty awesome week! Happy Holidays Sire! 😇😄


  1. The lines that did it for me were:
    “Hark, hear the angels tune
    In our actions”
    If we DO hear the angels’ tune in our actions, well and good. But if we are poised harking as the angels tune in on our actions…
    Oh, boy. Who among us is always ready for THAT?! Although we’re supposed to try to be, aren’t we?

    “Time to forget trends
    And listen to the Eternal Child born”
    Yes. That would help us stay ready for those eavesdropping angels!

    (Yemi, I think you know I am not Christian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Jesus didn’t speak from God’s inspiration. And I don’t deny the possibility he was His son. I just don’t take it as a given. I’m the opposite of a Lutheran: I suspect that, to God, works–what we do and say–matter more than faith–what we believe.)

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    • Oh Babe, at the time I glimpsed your thoughts, I be like….’Oh Lord, however do I go ’bout this, Phoenix is gotten me in a really tight spot’! 😩D-Damn! 😆😆😆

      So, I played the waiting game….dawdling and hoping Su’eddie, who was kind enough to send this beautiful piece my way would wade in on his ‘Royal Steed’ and save the day! Wishful thinking huh?! Especially seeing as he’s nowhere to be found! Tis just my luck ei?! 🙉Am sooo stuck with you now! 😣😭

      Owkay! Enough of my tantrums and theatrics already! 😆

      I am Christian and cause of that, the writings and admonitions as is written clearly in black and white as can be found in the Bible easily tends to serve as my guiding light! ‘His words are a light to my feet, and a lamp on to my path’! In it, faith is listed as the ONLY way of pleasing God! Moreso, as mortals, we’re corrupted and simply incapable of good works! Plus, every good works of ours…our perceived righteousness; are as filthy rags….we just couldn’t pull off that feat without inviting Christ…The Blameless, Spotless Lamb; to help and carry us through! When we do that, we become one with Christ….joint-heirs as the Bible describes it and live rightly….doing good works through His righteousness, which is THE only recognized form as all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; as recorded in the Book of Genesis when Adam and Eve had a falling out with God by being disobiedient to Him and His commandments!

      In Christendom, faith is everything Babe, ‘By strength shall no man prevail’, cause its God Himself who gives strength to mortals anyhow! ‘We can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens us’! But, faith is the first command….to be accepting of Christ; believing and confessing with our mouths that He’s God’s Son! That’s ‘the faith’ right there Sweetkins; and the only way recorded inside of the Bible as reaching the Father! 😊😄

      See why I tried running afar off from you Babe?! And to think all of these may read as gibberish but its how best I can think to explain it! 😇❤

      Thank you soooo much for always, ALWAYS being here mine darling; I hope Su’eddie will come out to play and address those other nagging questions ’bout his delicious offering! 😃

      Love ya tons gurlfriend! Mwah! ❤👄😄

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      • Yemi, I understand. Don’t fret. The evil Lutheran sociopath I married believes in Jesus and thinks that belief will save him. My sister Meg believes I am a good person, who on the right path of increased prayer with God, with a not-entirely closed mind to the possibility that Jesus was His son, and so I will eventually see the light.

        But because of my sometimes staggering luck, Meg has also seriously suggested I sprinkle salt at my door, and speak to a priest regarding exorcism.

        We who believe in God, or Allah, or whatever we call Him, must do the best we can to
        -live lives that are fulfilling (for we are built to need purpose),
        -include some degree of service (tithing to charity, regularly helping those with disabilities, etc.),
        -demonstrate thoughtfulness and kindness (Blessed are the meek… And the last shall be first… Who among you… )
        -do not impinge on the fulfillment or freedom of others (pretty much covers everything from terrorist bombings, to cheating on a test, or partner, to letting your dog or cat poop anywhere–(would you let your child?!), to playing any type of music, at any hour, loud enough to be heard inside your neighbor’s home when the windows are closed.

        We can choose to do right even without belief in Jesus the Son. We can choose to be hell-bound in Jesus’s name (trying to kill abortion-providers), or God’s/Allah’s.

        Always love,


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      • Your sister Meg though…she’s a real delightful piece of work Babe! I mean, salt?! 😩Exorcism?! 😨Really?! 🙉😂

        Thank you for being here Babe and like I always say whenever I get drawn into pretty ‘controversial’ debates like this one right here…which I mostly shirk away from and don’t make a habit of…’Every man for himself and God for us all’! May He open up the eyes of our hearts to beholding that which He alone wants us to see in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen! 😇😄

        Loving ya for always, all the sweet way back Babe; best believe it! You totally rock….still…for always! ❤😁


  2. Hey Outlier, really cool interpretation of the words of verse here. I enjoyed your thoughts and the insight you gave made on your philosophy of religion made so much sense. Reminds me of a story I read by the Botswanan/South African writer, Bessie Head. She spoke of a certain woman who had natural goodness which would have been there even if she had been born into any other religion, view or physical region.
    My personal view of this is the best religion is charity; give yourself out. Because in the end, any how we look at it, if we love right, we make things right. Thank goodness most religions preach it as such! Ironic though that sometimes religion places limitations to it…
    But let’s not fight on that.

    We can – and should – always give out our best, to love.

    But hey, wait up, what was it about the exorcism bit? 🙂 Hee hee hee! Outlier, through those pages I have surfed of you, the comments and all, you do have a fine spirit to you. Don’t go exorcising anything except if you are hoping to bring in a new spirit of more Outlierliness.

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    • This reads sooooo nice, well and pretty easy Sagely One….the compassion in ’em lines can neither be denied or ignored Sir….I salute you Sir! I only wish now that you’d ‘charged’ in soon enough to save a ‘Damsel in distress’! 😔BUT, better late than never ei?! 😛😆

      Thanks a great deal Su’eddie for always! For being here, for humoring me and for being my friend! You’re a really great guy, a ‘girl’s guy’! Its sheer bliss, knowing you and well, you rock….TOTALLY! 😊😄

      Here’s wishing you a most beautiful last day in the year of our Lord ’15 and a most promising ’16 in a lil bit! Thanks again for flying with ‘SFTH’ this outgoing year and here’s to more of every good thing….camaraderie and the best of fun times, in ’16! Mwah! 😇❤😃

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  3. Now I know I missed, wherever was I? Boxing day, the day of unwrapping gifts and some of the best GIFTS in cyberspace are here….You peeps are way special!!!!!…sometimes I wonder if you were the stars that twinkled over the shepherds that watched their flocks by night…A collabo of Yemie and Sueddie on boxing day…WHAT A PUNCH!!!

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    • ‘What A Punch’ indeed! How very fitting for Boxing Day! Looks like someone wrote their script to detail…perfection! Way to go Swag, nice one! 👉😃

      I wish I could take a lil part of the credit though but no can do! 😆 The ‘bulk’ of what I did was sourcing for those images and that was cuppa tea! 😤😎

      Su’eddie however, he whom the real honor’s due; made this happen…its all him; so naturally; all the credit goes to him! 😊😄

      Thank you for popping in Swag and a very Happy Birthday’s wished you too! 🎂🎁🎉😁

      I hope your day’s been swell thus far and pretty memorable! Have many more amazing years Swag and plenty cheers! 🍸😄

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  4. Sueddie, lovely lines bro….your words have a way of caking smiles……Topazo is so right here…Christmas’ dust sprinkled

    Would hearts warm charity

    To thaw away the lasting pain…HEAVY LINES…

    You be MASTER!…sigh….You good bro!

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    • That part ’bout Su’eddie being Master….so spot on are you Swag! I couldn’t have said it any better, besides that he’s wayyy better than good, no? 😄

      Thanks again Buddy, I appreciate your lending your voice to this! Rock ye on! 😎😁

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