Secret Santa

This little light of mine

Am gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

Am gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

Am gonna let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

 This little light of mine’s anything BUT…. she’s in fact the brightest spark in my life…. the center of my Universe! Your light will so shine, that darkness would not comprehend In Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen! For T-gurl, mine mini-me and Little Miss Sunshine! Mummy loves you to the moon and all the sweet  way back….in ways unfathomable that you couldn’t possibly begin to imagine!


My phone rings out to announce the arrival of my little princess from school, as is being revealed by the Caller ID on display! I hastily make my way outside to receive her from her Nanny and in her usual characteristic manner, she jumped out of her school bus excitedly as she’s done a countless number of times, and makes for me; whilst presenting me with a familiar colorful card she waved gleefully and held up to my face! I scooped her up in my waiting arms, gave her a tight squeeze in the form of a Bear-hug and there we were; happily locked in an affectionate embrace for what seemed like forever!

Its that time of the year….the Yuletide Season and as is become the norm and tradition, the little card was an invite for her school’s Annual Christmas Party & Concert, with chosen theme for this year being ‘Hippo Chrimbo Concert’! This theme’s in line with that beautiful  Christmas Old Classic and Novelty Song titled ‘I Want An Hippopotamus For Christmas’! It was sang and performed back then in 1953 by the very young and mighty talented Gayla Peevey! One of my personal favorites by the way cause of its comedic vibe and flavor!

Concert day arrives and we’re dressed to the nines, looking every inch the part! With my little Princess gorgeously draped in a Bejeweled Champagne-Gold Colored Ball Gown that glittered….bling, bling; complete with a tiara…. the dress code specifically favored for her class! She was most adorable….divine!

We set out for her school! It was a most glamorous event, a big monster blow out of an end of year party and all the children dazzled, bringing the stage alive in a variety of fun line-ups to include Ballet Dance Performances, Drama Presentations, Rendition of Christmas Carols and Hymns amongst others! We returned home pretty fulfilled, totally bushed and dead-beat…it was a more than perfect day!

The following day, it dawned on me the new resumption date, amongst other pieces of information the school authority would otherwise have passed on to parents right before the show wrapped was not given us! I figured it was an oversight on their part amidst all of the frenzy that greeted the celebrations….we’d all been taken over by the fun and merriment renting the hour, literally! I therefore had it in my plans to put a call through to the Head-teacher at some point during the course of the day, to get up to speed ’bout those little details we’d missed out on!

Somehow, I went the entire day having done all I had on my to-do list, save for putting a call through to my little girl’s school! I’d blame that lil snafu on fate, if I could just get past the fact that I’d been a poor planner perhaps?! Nah! Its the fates as I later came to find out! Hehehe

Early next day, a slightly chilly Saturday morning, I was jolted awake from my beauty sleep by a rather loud noise that seemed to be coming from my main gate! I groggily climbed outta bed, with sleep still heavy in my eyes; and reached for my phone!


I always ensure to put my phone on silent mode right before retiring for the night! On checking through, I found I had several missed calls from my daughter’s Nanny! Just as I was about to put a call through to her, she beat me to it! ‘Hello Ma’am, Good Morning to you; could you please come on out to your front gate and admit us in’?! ‘We’ve been here awhile and your phone’s been ringing no response’! Without uttering a word, I raced out the door to go see what this whole strange occurrence was all ’bout! School was out after all and the holidays were in! What’s with the early morning unexpected house-call?!


On reaching outside, I was greeted by the most ‘ah-mazing’ sight E-V-E-R! Pretty outlandish and wayyy out there…..grandiose! A bus prettily decorated and filled to overflowing…to the rafters, with an assortment of treats and gifts, a Staff Member of the School who’d  dressed up and assumed the role of Santa Claus, in his full, immaculate red and snowy white garbs, his helper and of course, the gentleman who’d driven and conveyed ’em down to my abode, seated pretty and sporting a real cute friendly smile; behind the wheel!

These pleasant forward-thinking dears were on a mission….paying unscheduled home visits…. courtesy calls, to unsuspecting parents and kids, bearing gifts, treats and holiday cheers in the spirit of the season! These guys gave us absolutely no hints, no clues whatsoever; like there were no cracks allowed for anything to slip through! There was nothing to suggest to anyone that something of this nature was in the works….nothing was jumping out at us! We were totally blindsided and taken over by surprise!  I was held spellbound, reeling…in an utter state of shock!

Having registered their presence and with goals fully achieved of course, by my obvious discomfiture and astonishment, Santa Claus broke the ice! Speaking up, he said, ‘Good Morning Ma’am and a very Happy Holidays to you’! ‘We believe a  little darling girl who goes by the name of Tami, stays at this address’! ‘We have a delivery to make….most especially for her’!


I somehow resisted and subdued the sudden urge to laugh out loud, instead; I quickly gathered my wits ’bout me and responded thus,

‘Good Morning Santa Claus, Compliments of the Season and this right here’s a most pleasant surprise’! ‘You’re at the right place Sir, she does reside here but is fast asleep at this time, all snuggled and cozied up to her favorite bed and sleeping mate…Winnie the Pooh’! ‘I could receive the tidings and goodwill on her behalf if its no bother’!

‘I’m so sorry Ma’am, says Santa Claus, but the instructions are clear…this delivery must be given her in person and moreover, there’s also the handshake and hug aspect’!

‘Very well then Santa Claus, if you’ll come this way; I made a gesture with my hands, I’ll lead you straight to she, whom you seek’!

And so it was decided! We marched on to where my little princess laid as snug as a bug in a rug, and in faraway Slumber-land….in the Purple and Pink Room that’s her little haven!

Santa Claus gave her a gentle tap and called out her name! At the point her eyes opened up, that moment was simply just surreal….beautiful beyond words! She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked from Santa Claus, to his helper and then me!

I sniggered as Santa Claus helped my little Princess out of her bed and  spoke to her as his helper passed on the gifts and treats to him! By the time he was done, hugging and shaking her hands, she knew this was anything but a dream!


Work done, Santa Claus and his goodly gang said their byes; leaving us gaping with absolute wonderment of the whole magical experience, cause that was what it finally did come down to….a most enchanting experience!

We thanked and wished ’em farewell as we caught up to ’em outdoors! ‘Happy Holidays again, be seeing you same time next year, Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!’ says Santa Claus a-merrily, cheerily; gleefully!

‘Next year huh’?! I thought, ‘Oh by Gee but I could REALLY get used to this, wouldn’t miss it for the world’! I mean, too much of a good thing can actually be wonderful, as the stunning and pretty witty Mae West affirms, right?! Mwah-ha-ha!

I was glued and rooted to the spot till the bus disappeared from view, as I watched ’em go in a daze! Santa’s got several miles to go yet and a lot more stops to make to unsuspecting kids, I pondered in my mind!

Moreover and most worthy of note, my little Princess hasn’t exactly gotten over this happenstance, its made quite the impression on her and she just cannot stop talking ’bout it! I’ll wager this magical moment would stay with her for years to come, a keepsake to treasure! Memories are precious and they last several lifetimes!


We just never know what a day might bring, and I’ve since adopted the perfect lines….’Everyday’s The Sweetest Days We’ll Ever Know’, as sung in that golden oldie tune by the gorgeous Vanessa Williams titled ‘Sweetest Days’! Its just what it is, we’re here this moment and its the only thing that matters….. the only thing that SHOULD matter! Tomorrow’s promised no one, we may as well seize this day and make the best of it!


Here’s conveying an abundance of Holiday Cheers, complete with gleeful tidings of comfort and of joy; the way of all and sundry! May y’all experience a most gloriously divine encounter and visitation in this Yuletide Season from your very own ‘Secret Santa’, who’d spring up on y’all in the most unexpected of  ways; bearing every good and perfect gifts that comes forth only from the Heavens above, plus those as scribbled on your individual Wish-Lists, in accordance to His perfect will!

Thank you so much for reading folks, and have y’all a very Merry, Rocking Christmas Celebration and a pretty exciting ’16 in advance! Happy Holidays y’all, One love and Shalom!


Images courtesy of flickr.com and google.com





25 thoughts on “Secret Santa

    • Tapestry of words huh?! 🙈🙊 Am sooo blushing rainbows! 😊😄

      I know right?! Like I was LITERALLY blown away, yet Santa Claus didn’t exactly come for me! 😩 So, its only best imagined really! That the experience was magical is putting it mildly…it was mind-bungling! 😂😂😂

      You read fast TM….WOW! 😎
      Thank you sooo much for looking this over, you’re wayyyy cool! 😤😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. D'Dream says:

    Wish I can like this more than once!What a lovely story and surprise filled moments for mum and daughter.
    The school did so well and clearly shows how important each kid are to them. I am so in love with this!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aw! Thank you so much D’Dream! And you got that part right….every individual kid’s especially loved and cherished! It don’t get any better than that! The school, its staff and management….are an absolute dream! Wayy too good to be true! 😊😄

      Thank you so much for making a stop by Sir! You do know you rock anyhow but I’ll reiterate it again anyways…sue me! 😈😆

      Liked by 1 person

      • D'Dream says:

        Sue you?! In what court of law?! Who will preside as the judge?! Hehehehe.You are a classical piece of work ma’am.
        Plus you earnest write good. *taking notes*

        Mine as a child was a nightmare, the Santa was all painted up in white chalky spleen, had wooly beard that was pulled off by a naughty kid in my school back then. Since then I aint believe in Santa except on TV

        Liked by 1 person

      • In what court of law?! 😞Beats me! 😛 But then again….who’s asking?! 😆

        Mehn that child na real Badooo! He yanked off Santa’s white beard?! 😨 EPIC! 😂😂😂

        Santa must have been really embarrased by his naughtiness! That’s soo awkward a situation! 😆😆

        Thanks for the vote of confidence D’Dream! I try, I really do! 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. How sweet is this?! Tami must not have stopped talking about it yet!

    Me, though, had it been me the mom, Yemi–I would have been so horrified and ashamed to be caught bleary-eyed, frazzle-haired, unmade-up, and with my house not guest-ready (although at the holidays, it’s not bad : ).

    You were very calm, woman. Took the surprise in stride. So much so that I suspect you were thinking that Santa was the real deal, and you were trying to be on your best behavior, polishing someone’s boots, kissing someone’s cheeks ( 😳 ), lookin’ for the Big Payoff.

    Hah!! Did it work?

    (Happy New Year, Yemi!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Owkay! I totally give up and here I am announcing to you that You Babe, just found me out….absolutely! 😩Plus all of that a$$ kissing….?! Well, it paid off! I mean, I get to see Santa Claus again next year! See?! 😈😆

      How very dare you, to make a bootlicker outta me Babe?! Who does that?! 😣😭
      Anyhow, It don’t matter none seeing as…*singing* ‘Its my party and am proud I want to….cry, if I want to…cry, if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you…’😛😜

      I could really care less in my dishevelled state Babe and as you’ve duly ascertained, it was the Holidays and therein lies my excuse for whatever chaotic state my ‘August’ visitors walked in on….I take absolutely no blames for that one and am pretty sure they weren’t exactly expecting to see a ‘Wonderland’, soo early in the day! 😆😆😆

      Happy New Year Babe and thank you so much for the Bday tidings and for coming by! ❤😙

      I’ll look in on you as soon as I have some free time! Its been one heck of a day today…swell! 😉😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Reading you is usually a sweet roller coaster experience, you write like you speak, a fountain of gushing sweet water…This here is truly enchanting and heart tugging… what memories the school created on those lil minds…I am already in love with this school…this is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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