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Christmas…..The Day After!



Its the holidays and someone seemed to me to be in a real cheerful and ‘giving’ mood, having adorned most gaily; the Christmas Spirit of giving and sharing! And am talking ’bout ‘the’  Su’eddie Agema; awesome Writer and award-winning Poet! He reeled out these fine poetic lines in accordance with the theme I gave him…’Christmas….The Day After’! I do hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did, even as you go about your celebrations this magical Yuletide Season! Thank you so much buddy, and Happy Holidays to you and all of your adorables! You more than rock….JINGLES!



Draw the drapes

Cake your smiles

Spirit your carols with delight

Hark, hear the angels tune

In our actions



Tomorrow comes when an anniversary ends

Time to forget trends

And listen to the Eternal Child born

Would our love be out worn

When only a whisper away

Mouths call for a bite?



There’s a cold in the air still

Boxes to be unwrapped

Christmas’ dust sprinkled

Would hearts warm charity

To thaw away the lasting pain

That stays beyond today?



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Woman, Who You Are!

So, the other day I received this mightily inspirational piece via video; from my sweetest mum! She knows just how much I fancy those kinda materials, being a self-proclaimed cheerleader myself! God bless your sweet heart Mummy Dearest! Love you now and for always, you do float ma boat and rock ma world like no tomorrow….endlessly!

While still on the issue of Mothers, I’d love to seize this very rare opportunity to reach out to my friend and brother, Dr Temitope Ogundare; whose Precious Mum gets to be a year sweeter in a bit, on the occasion of her birthday!  P-A-R-T-A-Y!!!

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, Sweet Mother and more glorious years in great health and wealth of mind, body and soul! May the Good Lord cause for you to reap the fruits of your labour of love upon all of your offsprings, and may you be called ‘Blessed’, for the rest of your days on God’s Green Earth In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen! This is a special tribute for you Sweet, Virtuous Mother, especially from me to you! Love you to the moon and all the sweet way back! Congratulations Momma, have many more! *Hugs and kisses*

I got to opening up the video and listening in on the contents and I can assure you this, it was beyond amazing! I was pretty moved by the wordings that my hairs practically stood up and out! I’ve listened to it a gazillion number of times now and I simply cannot get enough! And then an idea hit me to make a delightful lil post outta it and share with everyone, who’s just looking to get inspired and encouraged! Its a certified morale booster this masterpiece, most especially for the ladies! Enjoy and do ensure to share too, after all, there’s love in sharing and well, I just did like duh!

You’re Beautiful

You’re Funny

You’re Smart

You’re Unique

You’re worthy of love and affections

You’re NEVER too much and

You’re ALWAYS enough

You’re Precious

You’re a Diamond

You’re a Rose,

a Pearl

The most STUNNING of ALL God’s Creation

You’re worth MORE than you could EVER imagine

Worth more than the number on the scale

Or the hair products you use

Or the shoes you wear

More than the many girls, who wished they were you

Or how many guys, who wished they had you

More than the price tags on your clothes

Or the percentage off the top of your Math test

Or even more than the numbers of followers you have on Twitter


Because in the Eyes of the Lord

YOU ARE LOVED and you’re worth DYING FOR

Regardless of who you think you are

Whether you’re a Model in a magazine

Or you model pottery with Grandma

Whether you’re on the Hot List

Or the Not List

Whether you’re a Head Cheerleader

Or a High School drop-out

Whether you’re Miss Popular

Or you’ve never had anyone you could call a friend

Whether you love yourself and love your life

Or you can’t stand to look in the mirror

And you feel as if everything in your life’s falling apart

Whether you’re such a winner

Or you feel like you’re the world’s biggest failure

Regardless of who you think you are

The REALITY is that YOU deserve SOMEONE

Who would give their life for you




Read about the Women in the Bible

Esther, Ruth, Martha, Mary

These Women changed the world FOREVER

Each and everyone of you is a Woman with that same Power

That same strength

And that same world changing capability

And your responsibility, is to find that Woman

And to set her free

This. Is. Who. You. Are

And any voices in your mind that tries and tell you differently, is from the enemy

And the next time you hear it, you’ll say,

‘Not I, nuh-uh; not me Satan, I am a Daughter of the Living God, cherished, loved and adored ABOVE all things by the Creator of ALL things, for the glory of Him who’s GREATER than ALL things, I. AM. AWESOME’

And PLEASE, don’t YOU forget!

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