Guest Post

An Ode For Me As Rendered By Passion Through Poetry

This is yet another one of my nominees that’s an absolute delight! I have only known her for a while, but we share a deep and beautiful connection that if I didn’t know any better, I coulda sworn we’ve known each other from times past, in another place and time!

Her name’s Vonita and she’s a really sweetly and kindly soul!  She composes the most soul-stirring and heartwarming of masterpieces, as far as poetry goes! By my definition, she’s a woman of many artistic talents; that you simply cannot help but fall in love with her and her art! Take my word for it guys when I say Passion Through Poetry’s a very lively and hearty space, a place you definitely wanna be at; for you can be sure that you’d find pocketfuls to smile and laugh ’bout! Please do well to check her out here, and discover why am so easily taken by this beautiful mind of a great Poet and an even greater soul ! Thanks in anticipation babycakes, y’all shall be more than glad that y’all did!

Thank you so much for being such a sport my darling, your offering brought tears of joy unspeakable, streaming down my face and my happiness knows absolutely no bounds! I bless the day you found me sweets and I wish you and your entire household all of life’s very finest and then some! God bless you mine sweetness, you rock for always! Cheers!

Rabbits. Beauty Art Design of Cute Little Easter Bunny in the Me

Yemi is an absolute dream

She always makes me scream

With laughter at her many jokes

My affection she cannot coax

For she fills my blog with love

She is like a gentle dove

(who loves bunnies)

We love you Yemi, that we do

So whatever you do, please don’t go

We need you